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linux business intelligence products

The only 100% open source, complete and flexible BI suite
a complete, robust, secure, scalable, industry-grade OS BI suite
16 analytical areas, more than 30 analytical engines
unique solutions, not only usual reporting and charting tools: Geo, QbE, Dossier, KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Real-time BI.

SpagoBI Documentation 

  SpagoBI 4.x  2014-02-03

BIRT is an open source software project that provides the BIRT technology platform to create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications, especially those based on Java and Java EE. BIRT is a top-level software project within the Eclipse Foundation, an independent not-for-profit consortium of software industry vendors and an open source community.

This is the fastest way to get started with BIRT on Windows, Linux, or Mac. This download includes everything you need to start creating BIRT designs, including the full Eclipse SDK.
Pre-requisites: Java 1.6 JDK/JRE

Download a Free 30-Day Trial
Download the correct installation wizard's file for your operating system.
Windows: pentaho-business-analytics---check---x64.exe
Linux: pentaho-business-analytics---check---x64.bin
windows 843 MB!!!

Pentaho Business Analytics

Note: Data Integration included with Business Analytics

Pentaho Data Integration

64 BitDownload Windows64 BitDownload Windows
Download LinuxDownload Linux
Download MacOSXDownload MacOSX

Pentaho Business Analytics

Note: Data Integration included with Business Analytics

Pentaho Data Integration

32 BitDownload Windows32 BitDownload Windows
Download LinuxDownload Linux
For optimal evaluation purposes, a 64-bit operating system is highly recommended. However, if not available, it is recommended that the evaluation use the 32-bit version along with the sample data provided by Pentaho.

Starting with Version 2.1, KNIME is released under the GNU General Public License,
Version 3 (including certain additional permissions according to Sec. 7 of the GPL). It is

also available – through the dual licensing model – under customized licenses
windows installer 150 mb 

KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME Analytics Platform version is intended for end users and provides everything needed to immediately begin using KNIME as well as extend KNIME with extension packages developed by others. The downloads also contain the KNIME quickstart guide.
KNIME for Windows (installer)*32bit64bit
KNIME + all free extensions for Windows (installer)*32bit64bit
KNIME for Windows (self-extracting archive)*32bit64bit
KNIME for Windows (zip archive)**32bit64bit
KNIME for Linux32bit64bit
KNIME + all free extensions for Linux32bit64bit
Mac OS X
KNIME for Mac OS X64bit
KNIME + all free extensions for Mac OS X64bit

RapidMiner -- Data Mining, ETL, OLAP, BI

No 1 in Business Analytics: Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, ETL, Reporting, Dashboards in One Tool. 1000+ methods: data mining, business intelligence, ETL, data mining, data analysis + Weka + R, forecasting, visualization, business intelligence

RapidMiner Community Edition is a Java based application designed to provide you with multiple tools for data analysis tasks. The program can help you browse through the data and create models in order to easily identify trends.

When you are dealing with a large databases, identifying the connection between two events can be difficult or even impossible. Since there are multiple businesses who rely on the available information to make important decisions, data analysts are using specialized applications to visualize and understand the data.

This program aims to provide you with an intuitive and effective tool for analyzing data from multiple sources. As a result, RapidMiner allows you to load the required information from plain text files, Office documents or even database servers such as Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

In order to start an analysis you need to create a process and import the data from an external file or database. The included wizard allows you to specify the data range and detects duplicate data in order to prevent errors.

The Operators panel enables you to select the tool that you need to use and drop it on the main process window. Here you can visually arrange the desired tools, connect multiple operators and specify the execution order before starting the analysis.

If you are not a data analyst, the number of data transformation, visualization and modelling tools might seem overwhelming. However, the program provides you with multiple tutorials and an extensive online documentation in order to help you access the tools that you need.

You can also start by using one of the available templates and sample files in order to understand the basic functions. As the results of the analysis need to be shared with other users, the program includes a wide range of exporting options.

To sum up, RapidMiner is an efficient solution for the analists who need to visualize and understand complex data. exe 79 mb!!

Jedox 5 includes Jedox Excel Add In, Jedox Web, Jedox ETL, the Jedox OLAP Server.
332 mb zip file ??

It doesn't look like it is not correctly deployed.

"Description"="Jedox Add-in for Excel"
"FriendlyName"="Jedox Add-in for Excel"

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