Sunday, August 31, 2014

another spam email

Received: from ( [])

From: Reserve Bank of =?utf-8?Q?=C2=AE?=>
X-Originating-IP: []
X-Mailer: Zimbra 8.0.6_GA_5922 (zclient/8.0.6_GA_5922)

Information & Foreign Exchange team,

Content-Type: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document;
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=Attn.docx

Saturday, August 30, 2014


File 3.4 mb
Detection ratio:12 / 38
EmsisoftTrojan.PHP.Shell.W (B)20140830

Thursday, August 28, 2014

nulled plugins have php spambots hidden
Detection ratio: 0 / 21

but when you upload the zip file downloaded from their site you get


woocommerce and their extremely costly plugins will be the next microsoft which is making the web unsafe . wordpress needs to change its policy of these guys making people buy costly plugins to perform simple tasks

if it is 3.1 mb definately check for virus on virus total

Friday, August 22, 2014

spam email

mohamed zahar
mohamed zahar's profile photo

from: <.edu>
date:, Aug, 2014
subject: hii

we need to discuss about a transaction. its urgent

checking the edu site i found

August 19th, 2014

You may have received the email titled: “email safety”
This is an attempt to steal usernames and passwords and possibly infect your system with malicious code. The link in the email directs you to pucpe[dot]my3gb[dot]com and not a site affiliated with The University of Alabama. Also, keep in mind that The University of Alabama does not send out these types of messages. If you haven’t already, please delete it.
If you have any questions, please contact the OIT service desk (8-5555).

Image of phishing email:


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Youtube error 20th august 2014

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:


irst error 503 now 500

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hostgator wordpress memory size of 41943040 bytes

If your site is on hostgator and you get the error

 memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted

it is due to the hostgators admin setting your memory limit to 32M

Hostgator also seems to have a 32M limit for their business account! 

So if you see any memory errors in wordpress or other software . It has nothing to do with your software 

goto your php.ini QuickConfig
in your cpanel and check 

NOTE:- Please beware the tech support at hostgator may try and mislead you into believing that there is some other thing causing the problem 

Hostgator tech support 

We could see that a custom PHP configuration file under home directory of your domain, which may have caused the issue.
Kindly cross check the same and if you are still getting the error, please get back to us with the exact steps to recreate the error from our end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WP CleanFix

WP CleanFix is a management tool for for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog. The Ajax interface allow to manage all status in one only page! Remember: This software is free. You don't need to donate money to support it. Just talk about it.

DO NOT USE Wpxtreme it does not do the same things


CleanFix Tools
Extends HTML Editor: fontname, size, color, extra tags
Remove Frontend admin bar
Database Tables optimization
Check/Remove for unused UserMeta
Check/Remove for Post Revision and Trash
Check/Remove Auto Draft Posts
Check/Remove Edit Post Lock
Check/Remove for unused Post Meta
Check/Remove for unused Tags
Check/Remove/Relink for Posts without Authors
Check/Remove/Relink for Pages without Authors
Check/Remove for Attachments without Post/Page
Check/Remove for unused Categories
Check/Remove for unlink Categories (terms)
Check/Remove for unlink Categories Taxonomy
Check/Remove for unapproved and Trash comments
Check/Remove for spam comments
Find & Replace on Posts Content
Find & Replace on Comments Content
WordPress MU compatibility
English, French, German, Turkish, Hungarian and Italian Localization

remove orphaned categories in wordpress with clean it up plugin

 0 empty tag(s)
 9 empty category(s)
 131 revision post(s) in the database
 2 autodraft post(s) in the database
 11 trash posts/pages in the database
 1 unapproved comment(s) in the database
 0 spam comment(s) in the database
 1 trash comment(s) in the database
 Remove all pingback in the database
 Remove all trackback in the database
 Remove all transient in the database
 Remove all rss cache in the database
 Remove all orphaned postmeta in the database
 Optimize database tables.

Friday, August 1, 2014

facebook the digital gestapo

Chris Cox
. The process we follow has been to ask the flagged accounts to verify they are using real names by submitting some form of ID — gym membership, library card, or piece of mail. We've had this policy for over 10 years, and until recently it's done a good job of creating a safe community without inadvertently harming groups like what happened here.
Our policy has never been to require everyone on Facebook to use their legal name.

To upload your ID:

    Cover any confidential information (ex: address, license number) on you ID but make sure your name, birthday and photo are clearly visible
    Take a picture of your ID with a digital camera or scan it
    Save the photo to your desktop
    Click "Choose Photo" below and follow the instructions

To make sure this is your account, we need you to upload a color photo of your government-issued ID. Your ID should include your name, birthday and photo.
Acceptable IDs include your:

  •     Passport
  •     Driver's license
  •     State-issued ID card
  •     Military ID card
  •     Immigration ID with signature

Please keep in mind that we can't accept your profile picture.
Once we receive and review a clear image of your ID, we will permanently delete your attached identification document from our servers.

Facebook down 1st august 2014

27 minutes ago
Increased errors/latency on all Platform surfaces

Facebook is currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all API and web surfaces. Our engineers detected the issue quickly and are working to resolve it ASAP. We'll update shortly.

July 30 at 6:32pm
Elevated errors for Graph API
We had an increased rate of errors for the Graph API (/me/* and potentially other paths) at 18:01-18:14 PDT today. We reverted the change that caused the issue and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

   "push": {
      "status": "Complete",
      "updated": "2014-07-31T22:23:52-07:00",
      "id": 43954388
   "current": {
      "health": 3,
      "subject": "Increased errors\/latency on all Platform surfaces"