Friday, August 1, 2014

facebook the digital gestapo

Chris Cox
. The process we follow has been to ask the flagged accounts to verify they are using real names by submitting some form of ID — gym membership, library card, or piece of mail. We've had this policy for over 10 years, and until recently it's done a good job of creating a safe community without inadvertently harming groups like what happened here.
Our policy has never been to require everyone on Facebook to use their legal name.

To upload your ID:

    Cover any confidential information (ex: address, license number) on you ID but make sure your name, birthday and photo are clearly visible
    Take a picture of your ID with a digital camera or scan it
    Save the photo to your desktop
    Click "Choose Photo" below and follow the instructions

To make sure this is your account, we need you to upload a color photo of your government-issued ID. Your ID should include your name, birthday and photo.
Acceptable IDs include your:

  •     Passport
  •     Driver's license
  •     State-issued ID card
  •     Military ID card
  •     Immigration ID with signature

Please keep in mind that we can't accept your profile picture.
Once we receive and review a clear image of your ID, we will permanently delete your attached identification document from our servers.

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