Saturday, July 27, 2013

adding a irc bot to your channel - room

Assign a bot. Assign the bot using the following command, replacing #channel with your channel
/msg BotServ ASSIGN #channel Bot
ASSIGN #channel Bot
* Bot ( has joined #channel
* Bot sets mode +a #channel Bot
* Bot gives channel operator status to Bot
-BotServ- Bot Bot has been assigned to #channel.
Configure a bot. Configure the bot using the following command
/msg BotServ SET #channel

/bs help

-BotServ- BotServ allows you to have a bot on your own channel.
-BotServ- It has been created for users that can't host or
-BotServ- configure a bot, or for use on networks that don't
-BotServ- allow users' bot. Available commands are listed
-BotServ- below; to use them, type /msg BotServ command.  For
-BotServ- more information on a specific command, type /msg
-BotServ- BotServ HELP command.
-BotServ-     BOTLIST        Lists available bots
-BotServ-     ASSIGN         Assigns a bot to a channel
-BotServ-     SET            Configures bot options
-BotServ-     KICK           Configures kickers
-BotServ-     BADWORDS       Maintains bad words list
-BotServ-     ACT            Makes the bot do the equivalent of a "/me" command
-BotServ-     INFO           Allows you to see BotServ information about a channel or a bot
-BotServ-     SAY            Makes the bot say the given text on the given channel
-BotServ-     UNASSIGN       Unassigns a bot from a channel
-BotServ- Bot will join a channel whenever there is at least
-BotServ- 1 user(s) on it.

 Syntax: SET (channel | bot) option settings
-BotServ- /msg BotServ HELP SET for more information.

>BotServ< HELP SET
-BotServ- Syntax: SET (channel | bot) option parameters
-BotServ- Configures bot options.  option can be one of:
-BotServ-     DONTKICKOPS      To protect ops against bot kicks
-BotServ-     DONTKICKVOICES   To protect voices against bot kicks
-BotServ-     GREET            Enable greet messages
-BotServ-     FANTASY          Enable fantaisist commands
-BotServ-     SYMBIOSIS        Allow the bot to act as a real bot
-BotServ- Type /msg BotServ HELP SET option for more information
-BotServ- on a specific option.
-BotServ- Note: access to this command is controlled by the
-BotServ- level SET.

-BotServ- Bot won't kick ops on channel #channel

-BotServ- Syntax: SET channel GREET {ON|OFF}
-BotServ- Enables or disables greet mode on a channel.
-BotServ- When it is enabled, the bot will display greet
-BotServ- messages of users joining the channel, provided
-BotServ- they have enough access to the channel.

Syntax: /msg ChanServ SET #channel ENTRYMSG [message]

Sets the message which will be sent via /notice to users
when they enter the channel.  If no parameter is given,
causes no message to be sent upon entering the channel.

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