Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SMS from your computer or tablet

Send/Receive SMS from your computer or tablet

⇒ Uses your current Android phone number

⇒ Instant notifications on computer/tablet

⇒ See who's calling you...on your computer screen

⇒ Left your phone in car? Forgot it at home? No worries


Google Chrome

1 - Install MightyText Chrome Extension    (or, get it from the Chrome Web Store
2 - Launch MightyText Web App 


1 - Install this third-party Firefox Add-On to get Notifications (Firefox doesn’t support HTML Notifications natively)
2 - Firefox Mac users only -- you'll also need to install Growl Notifications for Mac
3 - Launch MightyText Web App 

Internet Explorer (IE9 or IE10)

1 - In IE, Click the Settings icon, then select Internet Options 
2 - Select the Security tab
3 - Click the Green Trusted Sites icon, then the Sites button
4 - Under "Add this website to the zone:", type in, then hit Add. Then, also add to this same list. Then, finally, add . Then hit Close, then OK.
5 - Make sure the box "Require server verification (https:)..." is UNCHECKED 
6 - Restart the IE9 browser, then Launch MightyText Web App 


Launch MightyText Web App (no notifications add-on yet, but coming soon!) 

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