Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bewelcome and transparency

I just saw this quote on couchsurfing. But did not want to take the time to reply to dead and dying sites

Maybe I wasn't clear enough about this but your and anyone's suggestions about BeWelcome are very welcome - on Bewelcome :)
 by Kasper Souren

Sadly Bewelcome has a terrible record in transparency compared to couchsurfing. And sadly all the suggestions since 2007 have been lost 

The below two now hidden platforms has 1000s of suggestions and work by several past volunteers. 
Also the site design and terribly designed forums have not changed much since 2009
mediawiki: (only for archive purpose, no changes since more than a year)
forum (SMF): (only for archive purpose, no changes since more than a year)

What this does is give  new readers to the discussion a false sense of hope .if only they knew.... censorship

This ticket is a classic example why bewelcome has NO VISION.

About five years ago JV the top developer voted against using other open source forums which has a more active developer base . They did not want structure to their forums and the clique voted to not have sub forums

now in 2013

To respond to the demand for a clearer separation between groups and forums, we need to develop separate overview pages and and a common landing page for forum threads and group forum threads. Discussion about the problem:

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