Thursday, December 6, 2012

The curious case of Disk Usage Warning

part 1  The funny part about this message is .
1) Zero files
2) No email account set up .

The tech support guys says

Kindly check the enclosed attachment, After login to control panel follow below steps:-
1)On the left hand side in FIND option enter disk space.
2)In center you will get option for disk space usage.
3)Scroll down the page you will the disk space usage in details.



part 2

i cannot access the cpanel from sitename:2082 error The login is invalid.

but i can access the panel from https://216.xx.xx.xx:2083 (browser gives error unsafe connection . but tech support asks me to use it)

New folder in the file manager shows 17.83 mb

but in disk usage it shows
 new   774.03 mb



so WTF is going on???

Deduction of the problem till now

I do not think the tech support guys have access to the admins
and i feel the admins at do not know their server is hacked.

That is the only explanation i can give for this problem 7th dec 2012

Reply from tech support

Answers to your recent questions.

1) Was the hosting space hacked?
Ans :- No, server is not hacked.
update it was not hacked.
The tech support guys had no clues about anything on the server. no clue what permission the client had and what the system admin is doing that is why there was so much confusion.

2) if i have no email and did not create the new folder , who created the folder and what mails are these
Ans :- This account gets created once Hosting is created, which containing hosting related activity/notifications/warnings mails .

3) Do you have access to the server admin of ? (reason for question you have not been able to give an explanation to any of the questions sent about this problem since the start)

Ans :- Yes, server is owned by us hence we do have access of these server.
update they said they have access but in reality they had no clue what scripts were running on the server

4) what is the 17.83 mb files still there in new?
Awaiting the reason for the disk warning issue and 800mb files in some mail folder
update the tech support guys deleted the files without permission that is why there was the difference in numbers 

Ans :- Now check, after deleting all those files disk space is showing 0.19 KB,

As this has happened before. I want to know if this system folder can shut down a users hosting

After another 5 emails and phone calls with two mangers they finally check with the system admin
and update me with the real cause

There was a cron job running into your account i.e. client account which contains below entry .

* * * * * cd /home/client account /public_html/periodic; /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php -q cron.php

hence you are getting the email from system for the said user. We have removed the same and now on wards you will not be receiving these kinds of email from system.


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