Sunday, March 2, 2014

how to add your wordpress site to networked blogs

Wordpress site registration
1) goto
a) fill in user name .pwd,email,addresss ( ) for example
b) go to the bottom and click create blog below [ Beginner]
c)goto your email and confirm the link
d) goto and sign in

update 13th april 2014 . Networked blogs has stopped accepting new blogs .

1) Networked blogs part 
sign in with your facebook username and pwd

* click register a blog at the top
* type in the blog link [change abc to the name you give your site]
* click next
* networked blog fills in most of the part
* add Blog Name *
* choose language - english
* enter email
* check box Terms of service *
* click next
* message blog registerd
* click yes on Are you the author of the [name of site]
* Next Step: Get confirmed as the author

2) [the hard part a bit technical ] (on networked blogs)
* click install the widget
* copy the code in option 1 box [ < div id till the end script> ]

3) Wordpress site 
* open another window and open your wordpress site
* click the name on the top left  next to follow > click widgets
just type the address below into the address bar

* under available widgets on the left find the text box  .
* click on the text box on the left(do not leave the mouse).
drag the text box up to the top right under [Primary widget area]
(this can be done by clicking on the text box and holding down the left click button then moving the wheel mouse )

In the text box widget  there are two parts
small rectangular box title
big rectangle box below the title box.
paste the widget code from networked blogs into this big box
click save

4) [back to networked blogs]
* under networked blogs in the other open browser window
* click verify now {if the code is not put in the wordpress site then you will get the error Verification failed}
* if the code is correct then you will see a blue link at the bottom
* Refresh the page to see changes << click this

* on the top right you will see two links
Invite Friends to Follow

* click on syndication
* under syndication point (2) click to add facebook target - you can add 1) fb profile 2)fb page 3)fb group
* I also suggest you make a twitter account and then click add twitter target .Twitter updates are easy to follow from those using mobile phone .

So from point 2 syndication with one single new update on your wordpress site you will be reaching 100s of followers in  5 or more  different places on facebook  and twitter and also those 100s who subscribe to your wordpress email updates if they click follow on your wordpress site .

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