Monday, April 8, 2013

some hosting spaces shutting down mail on linux servers from 20th April 2013

Dear Customer,

As you all are well aware that the nuisance of spam emails is ever increasing which causes loss of money and productivity. Till now the spam problem was limited to just receiving spam, however, in recent times, the problem of outbound spam has increased too. The outbound spam results in IP addresses of mail servers getting blacklisted and it leads to email issues resulting in losses to the companies relying on emails for Business. We have investigated the cause of outbound spam emails and have found that most of the outbound spam emails are because of email scripts hosted on the server. Many of the scripts use either the PHP Mail() function or CDOSYS which does not require SMTP Authentication. These scrips can be easily exploited by spammers to send out spam emails. Also, since there is no SMTP Authentication required, it is difficult to track spammers many a times.

In order to reduce the amount of outgoing spam sent from the servers, we have decided to disable the PHP Mail() function in all the Linux servers and IIS SMTP server in all the Windows servers. We will be disabling these features on 20th April 2013. We suggest you to modify your email scripts to provide SMTP Authentication before 20th April 2013 to avoid the email scripts stop functioning.

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