Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vizu Web Polls Shutting Down


This is an important announcement regarding Vizu Web Polls. You are receiving this email because you have created a Vizu Web Polls account at some point in the past.

As we announced on our website, Web Polls will be retired on Friday, December 21, 2012. After that date, you will no longer have access to Web Polls or any polls you have created in the past. Any Web Polls that are running will become inactive, and any Web Poll links that you have sent will also become inactive.

If you wish to archive Web Polls you have run in the past, we strongly urge you to archive them in the following ways:

Screenshot: you can take a screenshot of your poll results by using a screen capturing tool.

Print: you can print out a copy of your poll results by right-clicking on the poll and selecting the “Print” option.

Web Polls will not be able to support any data exports (e.g. saving as a spreadsheet or presentation). Your Web Polls will no longer be available for archival purposes after December 21st.

Thank you for your use of Web Polls.

The Web Polls Team

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