Sunday, September 9, 2012

GNU social network software like facebook

You can use GNU social today — by cloning the code from gitorious (requires a git client), or by downloading as a .tar.gz  (seems really difficult for a newbie to install )

Fortunately, there are many efforts underway to provide distributed, user-controlled services to facilitate connection between people, including GNU socialstatus.netCrabgrassAppleseed (dead?) and Diaspora

Distributed and contextual social networking — Read more

The Diaspora* ecosystem consists of numerous pods, which all connect together to form our new social web.
On the next page, you’ll see a list of the open pods. The name of each of them is a link. Simply pick one, click on that link (in the left column) and follow the simple steps on that pod’s home page to create your account.
Note: You may find that some of these pods are not yet open to the public, In that case, we encourage you to try another one. is a group of developers, entrepreneurs, hackers and activists — many of us create network services. All of us are concerned about their effects on user freedom and autonomy. is designed as a forum to explore the problems and issues raised by network technologies.

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