Monday, March 17, 2014

Python for Beginners

Chapter 1: Getting Started
View-play-active Acquiring the Tools14 min
View-play Hello World in Python4 min
Chapter 2: The Basics
View-play Getting Started with Variables7 min
View-play Data Types26 min
View-play Arithemetic Operations5 min
View-play Understanding the Order of Operators5 min
View-play Comments4 min
View-play Variables Scope6 min
Chapter 3: Conditionals
View-play If Statements10 min
View-play Else Statements2 min
View-play Elif Statements3 min
View-play Switch Statements Workaround4 min
View-play Inline If4 min
Chapter 4: Looping
View-play While Loops4 min
View-play For Loops5 min
View-play Try, Except, Finally5 min
View-play Break, Continue and Else4 min
Chapter 5: Lists
View-play A Closer Look at Lists6 min
View-play Modifying Lists9 min
View-play Sorting Lists2 min
Chapter 6: Receiving Inputs
View-play 'Press Any Key To Continue'4 min
View-play Data Input5 min
Chapter 7: Predefined String Functions
View-play Using Strings as Object5 min
View-play Splitting and Joining Strings5 min
Chapter 8: Custom Functions
View-play Syntax Overview5 min
View-play More on Parameters6 min
View-play More on Returns5 min
Chapter 9: Classes
View-play Overview of Classes and Objects5 min
View-play Using 'Class'5 min
View-play Using Methods7 min
View-play Use Object Data9 min
View-play Inheiritance8 min
Chapter 10: File Handling
View-play Opening Files3 min
View-play Reading and Writing Test Files10 min
View-play Reading and Writing Binary Files8 min
Chapter 11: Database Handling
View-play Creating a Database5 min
View-play Insert and Update Records7 min
View-play Retrieve and Delete Records9 min
Chapter 12: Modules
View-play Using Standard Libraries8 min
View-play Creating a Module3 min
Chapter 13: Debugging
View-play Dealing with Syntax Errors4 min
View-play Dealing with Errors at Runtime3 min

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