Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why it is Time for publishers to abandon adsense

Update july 2013
Last week, the global search giant posted revenues of $14.1bn (£9.2bn) in the quarter, up 19 per cent on the year, but below the $14.4bn (£9.4bn) analysts had expected.

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Here are the reasons

1) Adsense revenue has fallen to its lowest level in the past 5 years
2) The investments made by publishers ie time, advertising space,hosting cost  are not being met with the revenue from adsense. 3 months ago it was 1$ per day now it is lower than .60 $ /cents . This means publishers are not even breaking even let alone making a profit.
Five years ago publishers used to get 5$ a day approx. So instead of the revenue going up it is going down looks like a viable alternative . But i have not yet got any revenue cheques from them yet. So cannot be 100% sure .

There are many factors working against google revenue . The worst factors are googles own departments
Lots of ads. If the site is covered with five blocks of AdSense, Kontera text links, or other advertising chunks, you might want to steer away from them.

also changes to google search in the past 2 months ,makes only the first 1-5 links relevant to the search query . 5 years ago a user could expect 5 pages of relevant link to sites which answered the user search query.

for example panda
put panda even googles own sites with relevant information will not show up in the search results
infact it says nothing found.

now if a user uses panda

High-quality sites algorithm goes global, incorporates user feedback

by Amit Singhal - in 33,479 Google+ circles - More by Amit Singhal
11 Apr 2011

Since then we’ve gotten a lot of positive responses about the change: searchers are finding better results, and many great publishers are getting more traffic.
Posted by Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer

Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away. So sites that don’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by this change.

Now the problems is with the google search changes there is a 90% drop in search traffic. Also with the publishers who have a single advertisement on the site this is not helping to even make ends meet.

Google search has become go bad with so many unwanted entries on the result pages that i have got 1000s of urls in the Chrome Web Store - Personal Blocklist (by Google)

but this is not helping .

And in the past month nov 2012 the google competitor has been crawling my site more than google crawl spiders .

What is happening google?

Google Revenues Sheltered in No-Tax Bermuda Soar to $10 Billion
By Jesse Drucker - Dec 10, 2012 10:31 AM GMT+0530

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