Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Posting on Facebook - Twitter can destroy your lives - Freedom of speech

Tip: If you are a tourist visiting India or a local be careful of your speech.Anything can offend anyone and from the news articles the street law supersedes the law of the land and the law of the land is also twisted 66A. Also the law of the land has made it clear that any getting offended can file a complaint. So do not talk politics or about politicians or anything that could be deemed offensive to anyone.

Madras high court pulls up magistrates who mechanically remand people without ascertaining the conditions
he would get 500 men to my house, and show the consequences of free speech

Case 1

Facebook can be a dangerous place in some democratic countries where freedom of speech it subdued by dangerous laws like 66A.

So if you have a college friend on facebook affiliated to a political group ,they could complain and then you could be stuck in the police station for ever. Even for liking a facebook post. So beware before you post (even if you set your profile to friends only but have college friend who finds your views offensive you could be slapped with 66A in places like india. Know the laws of your country . And know from this case any law can be slapped on you

Both Rinu and Shaheen deactivated their Facebook accounts . But late on Monday, Shaheen discovered a fake account in her name which had 120 friends in an hour.

Case 2

China arrests blogger for Twitter joke
Internet petition for Chinese blogger arrested after posting Twitter joke about Communist leadership congress

Case 3
Arrested for video on Facebook, three men in Jammu and Kashmir spend over 40 days in jail

Case 4
Facebook row: Mumbai Police book man whose complaint led to Air India employees' arrests

Case 5

Man held for posting objectionable photo on Facebook
Bhubaneswar, December 08, 2012

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