Thursday, November 22, 2012

gmail fishing scam subject ACCOUNT UPDATE VERIFICATION

from: Jessica Carson
date: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 10:40 AM
subject: Gmail Account Update Verification


Dear Gmail! Customer,
Our records indicate that your account is not up to date  as  part of our regular account maintenance: Click Here (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK  hxxp:// /) to update your account now. If you do not verify your account now, You serve the risk of losing your account permanently. Thank you for your usual co-operation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Gmail! Service.
Copyright © 2012 Mail! Inc. (Co. Reg. No. 2344507D)All Rights
Reserved. Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Received: from ( [])
        by with ESMTPS id p10si2387058icz.83.2012.
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Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Facebook Updates to Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Nov 2012

We recently announced some proposed updates to our Data Use Policy, which explains how we collect and use data when people use Facebook, and our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR), which explains the terms governing use of our services.
The updates provide you with more detailed information about our practices and reflect changes to our products, including:
New tools for managing your Facebook Messages;
Changes to how we refer to certain products;
Tips on managing your timeline; and
Reminders about what's visible to other people on Facebook.
We are also proposing changes to our site governance process for future updates to our Data Use Policy and SRR. We deeply value the feedback we receive from you during our comment period but have found that the voting mechanism created a system that incentivized quantity of comments over the quality of them. So, we are proposing to end the voting component in order to promote a more meaningful environment for feedback. We also plan to roll out new engagement channels, including a feature for submitting questions about privacy to our Chief Privacy Officer of Policy.
We encourage you to review these proposed changes and give us feedback before we finalize them. Please visit the "Documents" tab of the Facebook Site Governance Page to learn more about these changes and to submit comments before 9 AM PST on November 28, 2012.
You can also follow and like the Site Governance Page for updates on this process and on any future changes to our Data Use Policy or SRR.
Your timeline: You have settings that help you design how your timeline will appear to others, like hiding things from your timeline. Remember that this only impacts whether those things are visible on your timeline. Those posts are still visible elsewhere, like in news feed, on other people's timelines, or in search results. You can delete your own posts from your timeline or activity log, or ask someone else to delete a post you're tagged in.
Cookies info: Technologies like cookies, pixels, and local storage are used to deliver, secure, and understand products, services, and ads, on and off Facebook. Learn more about how we and our partners use cookies and similar technologies.

Posting on Facebook - Twitter can destroy your lives - Freedom of speech

Tip: If you are a tourist visiting India or a local be careful of your speech.Anything can offend anyone and from the news articles the street law supersedes the law of the land and the law of the land is also twisted 66A. Also the law of the land has made it clear that any getting offended can file a complaint. So do not talk politics or about politicians or anything that could be deemed offensive to anyone.

Madras high court pulls up magistrates who mechanically remand people without ascertaining the conditions
he would get 500 men to my house, and show the consequences of free speech

Case 1

Facebook can be a dangerous place in some democratic countries where freedom of speech it subdued by dangerous laws like 66A.

So if you have a college friend on facebook affiliated to a political group ,they could complain and then you could be stuck in the police station for ever. Even for liking a facebook post. So beware before you post (even if you set your profile to friends only but have college friend who finds your views offensive you could be slapped with 66A in places like india. Know the laws of your country . And know from this case any law can be slapped on you

Both Rinu and Shaheen deactivated their Facebook accounts . But late on Monday, Shaheen discovered a fake account in her name which had 120 friends in an hour.

Case 2

China arrests blogger for Twitter joke
Internet petition for Chinese blogger arrested after posting Twitter joke about Communist leadership congress

Case 3
Arrested for video on Facebook, three men in Jammu and Kashmir spend over 40 days in jail

Case 4
Facebook row: Mumbai Police book man whose complaint led to Air India employees' arrests

Case 5

Man held for posting objectionable photo on Facebook
Bhubaneswar, December 08, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vizu Web Polls Shutting Down


This is an important announcement regarding Vizu Web Polls. You are receiving this email because you have created a Vizu Web Polls account at some point in the past.

As we announced on our website, Web Polls will be retired on Friday, December 21, 2012. After that date, you will no longer have access to Web Polls or any polls you have created in the past. Any Web Polls that are running will become inactive, and any Web Poll links that you have sent will also become inactive.

If you wish to archive Web Polls you have run in the past, we strongly urge you to archive them in the following ways:

Screenshot: you can take a screenshot of your poll results by using a screen capturing tool.

Print: you can print out a copy of your poll results by right-clicking on the poll and selecting the “Print” option.

Web Polls will not be able to support any data exports (e.g. saving as a spreadsheet or presentation). Your Web Polls will no longer be available for archival purposes after December 21st.

Thank you for your use of Web Polls.

The Web Polls Team

View our Privacy Policy .
Vizu Corp.
185 Berry Street, Suite 5200
San Francisco, CA 94107

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video proof that youtube can be gamed

A totally useless video
1) Features
2) 1,295,164  views

how ?

The guy   has disabled comments
There is no option to report this video

Artist: SeƱor Trepador  ?? so videos he added to the useless video

Source videos: none

Friday, November 16, 2012

Asterisk is a great open source PBX VoIP system.

1. Install Asterisk Management on OpenWrt
This shows how to setup Asterisk Management for mini_httpd.
cd /www
mkdir cgi-bin
mv cgi-bin
chmod 755 cgi-bin/
Set operation_system_variant="openwrt" in the script
Server URL:

OpenWrt allows you to install a very powerful, highly customizable variant of Linux on your router.

  1. If you haven't bought your hardware already, consult the Buyers' Guide.
  2. Verify that your router is compatible with OpenWrt using the Table of Hardware
  3. Choose a version of the OpenWrt firmware and download.
  4. Install the OpenWrt firmware on your router.
  5. Login to your newly flashed router for the first time.

IPKG that installs PirateBox to your fresh OpenWRT route

  - Install this IPKG on your fresh OpenWRT "Backfire", and out
    comes (hopefully) a ready-to-use PirateBox, a project by NYU
    Professor David Darts.
  - Now supports devices with 4 MByte flash
  - See for current
    router support status.

  - Test other platforms
  - Improve error checking
  - Does not cleanly update, yet. "opkg remove piratebox" first.

  - I expect mkPirateBox v0.2+ to run on many or even most untested
    router models. If something goes wrong, I usually can easily make
    it work if you help me out. If you decide to try mkPirateBox on
    an untested router model, please send send me feedback on how it
    went, including
    - your router model
    - output of the command
      "cat /etc/openwrt_release /etc/config/wireless /etc/config/network".
  - Thanks! :)

  - See

  - See

  - See

  - The PirateBox project:
  - OpenWRT - List of supported devices:
  - OpenWRT documentation (look for tftp installation):
  - OpenWRT "Backfire" 10.04.1-r4 images:



Stuff You'll Need

  • TP-Link MR3020 (Newegg) or TP-Link TL-WR703N (DX) (eBay)
  • USB Flash Drive (formatted FAT32 with a single partition)
  • Ethernet cable


The following tutorial was created on a Mac running OSX 10.7. However, these instructions will also work for Linux or Windows (requires PuTTY).
1. First download a custom copy of OpenWrt for the MR3020 (modified by Matthias Strubel to include all needed kernel-modules). See this thread on the forum for more info. For the WR703N, download this OpenWrt firmware
2. Set the toggle switch located beside the LAN/WAN port to WISP mode
3. Turn off your laptop's wireless (in OSX, click on the wifi icon and select "Turn Wi-Fi Off")
4. Connect the router via ethernet cable to your computer and open a web browser to (for the MR3020) or (for the WR703N)
5. Enter the default username & password (admin & admin)
6. Navigate to System Tools > Firmware Upgrade and select the OpenWRT firmware
(Note: The WR703N firmware text is in Chinese. To flash OpenWrt from the web interface, select the last menu item on the left, and then the third submenu item. More info inthis Village Telco post).
7. After the upgrade completes, the system will restart
8. Telnet to the device:
9. Use the passwd command to set your login password - this will enable SSH:
10. Edit the network file with vi (vi cheat sheet):
NOTE: The following instructions assume your gateway router's (home router's) IP address is If your gateway router differs from this, you will need to modify your network file accordingly. Keep in mind that your OpenWrt (PirateBox) router should not have the same address as your gateway router though it will need to be on the same subnet in order to access and download files from the Internet.
vi /etc/config/network
The modified file should look like this:
config interface 'loopback'                                                               
        option ifname 'lo'                                                                
        option proto 'static'                                                             
        option ipaddr ''                                                         
        option netmask ''                                                        
config interface 'lan'                                                                    
        option ifname 'eth0'                                                              
        option type 'bridge'                                                              
        option proto 'static'                                                             
        option ipaddr ''                                                       
        option netmask ''                                                    
        option gateway ''                                                     
        list dns ''                                                           
        list dns ''                                                                
11. Remove the power from the router.
12. Turn ON your laptop's wireless (for OSX, click on the wifi icon and select "Turn Wi-Fi On")
13. Connect the MR3020 (or WR703N) to your gateway router (e.g. your home network router) with an ethernet cable and plug the power back in. Wait a couple of minutes until the router boots up. With your computer connected to your home network, try sshing into the router (Note: use the "ipaddr" you assigned in step 9):
ssh root@
14. Ping google to ensure your firewall settings are correct:
15. Add USB support to OpenWrt by installing and enabling the following packages (Note: this step is not required if you used the customized OpenWrt image from step 1):
opkg update
opkg install kmod-usb-uhci
insmod usbcore ##may return the message: insmod: can't insert 'usbcore': File exists
insmod uhci
opkg install kmod-usb-ohci ##may return the message: installed in root is up to date.
insmod usb-ohci

Install PirateBox

Next you'll need to install PirateBox on the router.
1. Connect your USB drive (formatted to FAT32 with only one partition) to the USB port.
2. Install the mkPirateBox package by issuing the following commands.
cd /tmp
opkg update && opkg install piratebox*
3. Optional: Install the Kareha Image Board:
/opt/piratebox/bin/ /opt/piratebox/conf/piratebox.conf imageboard
Afterwards, edit the Kareha image board config file to change the admin username and password (ADMIN_PASS and SECRET):
vi /opt/piratebox/www/board/
4. Once the install is completed, unplug the ethernet cable and disconnect the power for at least 10 seconds.
5. Restart the device and join the "PirateBox - Share Freely" network. Open any web page and you should be redirected to the PirateBox menu.
6. Begin sharing files and chatting!


To upgrade from an earlier version of PirateBox, check out this tutorial on the PirateBox forum.


For the TL-WR703N, use these instructions from the OpenWrt wiki to enter failsafe mode.
More info about building a serial port (useful for recovering a "bricked" router) for the TL-WR703N on TheVillageTelco wiki.

Enclosure and Power

If you're only planning to use the TP-Link router on AC power, you obviously don't need a special enclosure for it to house a battery and USB storage. However, given the router's small size and the fact that it runs on USB power (5V), it naturally lends itself to portability. There are lots of portable 5V power options for this type of device - for something slick and commercially produced, check out the TeckNet iEP380-II Universal USB Battery Pack or this IoGear mobile power station.
Or, if you'd like to assemble something yourself, you might consider this combination:
You might also consider adding a PirateBox sticker - you can download a higher quality PirateBox logo .png file from here. And/or you can order PirateBox stickers fromzazzle.

Google Books team open sources their book scanner

LinearBookScannerDesign.pdf   8.1 MB

See a hardware prototype of an automatic, non-destructive book scanner. The machine turns pages automatically, and captures high-resolution images of each page. It was developed in 20% time, and built in the Google Workshops.

There will be a live demo and a short technical presentation, describing the design process.

Speaker Info: Dany Qumsiyeh is an engineer on the Google Books team.

For more information on this project, see:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Processing is an open source programming language

Processing is an open source programming language

 Free to download and open source
» Interactive programs using 2D, 3D or PDF output
» OpenGL integration for accelerated 3D
» For GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Download 2.0 Beta 6 (2 November 2012)

» Windows 64-bit
» Windows 32-bit
» Linux 64-bit
» Linux 32-bit
» Mac OS X

Microsoft released security patches for Windows 8 and prior to fix flaws in IE

Microsoft released security patches for Windows 8 and prior to fix flaws in IE, Kernel, .NET, Excel & IIS

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do no pick up calls from +672380011

I dont know which scammer owns this number but it deducts 1$ per second from your phone if you answer the call +672380011
+67 2380011

 67 BANGLADESH  is +67 is probably the isd code for bangladesh ?

PiFace Digital and Gertboard Assembled

What is PiFace™ Digital?

Pi-Face Digital plugs directly onto the top of your Raspberry Pi, and allows you to sense and control the real world. Detect switch states, for example from a door sensor, a pressure pad or any number of other switch types. Then write your own software for Raspberry Pi that determines how to respond to that switch state. You can drive outputs to power motors, actuators, LEDs or anything you can imagine.
What is Gertboard™ Assembled

Gertboard is the ideal add-on for Raspberry Pi. Designed by Gert van Loo, it is a flexible experimenter board that connects your Raspberry Pi out to the physical world, allowing you to detect and respond to external physical events. Detect and output analogue voltages. Drive powerful motors. Detect switch presses. Illuminate LEDs and drive relays. Jumper cables allow you to hook up different parts of the circuit in many different ways, allowing total flexibility. All controlled by your own Raspberry Pi.
Unlike the Gertboard Kit, this new version of the Gertboard is fully assembled and ready to use out-of-the box.

Monday, November 12, 2012

phone calls to avoid

+91 9320031215
+91 9320122233
+91 920031085

+24105328158 some porn number?

some Muslim guy making continuous calls from


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Maintain one site! – Your desktop version will be synchronized automatically with your mobile site by GinWiz
Converting rich and advanced desktop sites – including ecommerce sites!
Your mobile site will be optimized for more than 14,000 different mobile devices!

fun with node.js

Installing without building

You may obtain pre-compiled Node.js binaries for several platforms from

Installing on Windows

Manual install

The file is a standalone Windows executable that contains only the last version of Node.js engine.
The directory contains the latest .zip archive of npm (such as when npm v1.1.16 was the latest).
Put node.exe to a clean directory, add that directory to your PATH variable, unpack npm to the same directory, and then you'll be able to run scripts (node scriptname.js) and install modules (npm install modulename) anywhere you want.
Manual update
To update Node, download the latest file and replace your old node.exe with it.
To update npm, run the npm update npm -g command.

Automatic install (with Microsoft Installer)

The directory contains the latest .msi package (such as node-v0.6.15.msi when Node v0.6.15 was the latest) that you may use to install both Node.js engine and npm.

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ello World
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Future Ethnic Clashes could be caused by a social network

Right now facebook is the ideal tool to spread peace or hate .

And there are any groups spreading it .

This is going to be slowly poison the thinking of the larger population

Hoaxes are spread a fact and there is no recourse event Facebooks  report hate speech does not help.

They reply

Content not removed and then write

Our community standard on hate speech is:
Facebook does not permit hate speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, it is a serious violation to attack a person based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

I fail to understand how their evaluate hate speech or even understand what images can cause enmity between religious groups

How many employees are there at Facebook who really understand cultures around the world
Does Facebook have any conflict resolution admins ?
Does Facebook understand how hate spreads between religions?

From the latest Content not removed i fear there will be real life conflicts around the world , spread by the hate doctrine posted by hate groups on social networks like Facebook.

The other problem which social networks do not seem to understand but enemies of the state understand is attack by proxy

what this means?
Country A has multiple religious communities which has never been at peace with each other
Country B has been in conflict with country A for centuries.

what does country B do?
B creates groups representing the majority religious group and spreads hate via photos and messages ,pretending to be citizens of country A . Because facebook allows page and group admins to be hidden the followers (who are usually added from huge mailing lists are oblivious of the fact that the admins have other plans). The admins then whip up religious and ethnic hatred with doctored images (this has already been done on the social network) . And in case of war win the war before the war begins.
Hate groups and religious hate groups are filled with so much hatred by their upbringing that they fail to see the bigger picture of the masterminds (page admins) of these groups

I wonder who advised them to add encourage you to challenge ideas . This is good in an ideal world not the real world. The non events or events will prove me to be a fool .