Monday, September 10, 2012

FAIL How to install debian on a windows 7 computer without a cd or dvd

You need to have an internet connection

also you need a torrent client like
so download and install utorrent before going to the debian site


choose the right distro


wait till the whole iso has been downloaded 

then download and install

right click on the debian iso and click extract 

goto the folder where the iso has been extracted then double click on setup.


it gives you an error
cannot find win32-loader.ini

win32-loader is not supposed to be used directly.  You want to either use
it in the official Debian CD builds, or the network version as provided by

debian is so buggy? ubuntu is way better !!!

Solution you goto
and click on Click on the image to install Debian GNU 449kb

When you double click on it 

Boom! next error

Installer loader setup error 
win32-loader 0.6.21+squeeze0

unable to find "system partition",assuming it is the same
 "boot partition" c"

With NO help from debian or any other site .

I try winiso the free version again which wants me to install to mount the iso virtaully

same FAIL message

unable to find "system partition",assuming it is the same
 "boot partition" c"

Funny after the error the install still continues ??

Created uninstaller: C:\win32-loader\Uninstall.exe
Copy to C:\win32-loader\linux
Copy to C:\win32-loader\initrd.gz
Generating C:\win32-loader\grub.cfg
Extract: C:\win32-loader\cpio.exe
Extract: C:\win32-loader\gzip.exe
Appending preseeding information to C:\win32-loader\initrd.gz
Copy to C:\g2ldr
Copy to C:\g2ldr.mbr
Registering in BootMgr
Disabling NTFS compression in bootstrap files

it then asks you to reboot

you have two options on reboot

windows 7
continue to install process

when you choose the 2nd option it just goes back and reboots again!! 

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