Sunday, September 2, 2012

Analyse your facebook data via the Wolfram Fb app

1) Click on the link
2) Click the blue button analyze my facebook data.
3) This will pull up the wolfram facebook app
4) It will take you back to the wolfram site where you need to register with your fb data
5) it will take you back to
6) Click on the blue button analyze my facebook data now
7) it will open

Associate your Facebook account with your Wolfram ID to access Wolfram services, including Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics.
Who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline:
Your basic info
Your email address (  )
Your profile info: birthday, education history, hometown, likes, location, relationship status and religious and political views
Your stories: photos, status updates and videos
Friends' profile info: birthdays, education histories, hometowns, locations, relationship statuses and religious and political views
Photos shared with you
Videos shared with you

Wolfram Connection would also like permission to:
Access posts in your News Feed
Access your custom friend lists

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