Monday, September 10, 2012

a free course on building a very simple operating system for the Raspberry Pi in assembly language.

Welcome to Baking Pi: Operating Systems Development! Course by Alex Chadwick.
Table 2.1 - Lessons
0IntroductionThis introductory lesson does not contain a pratical element, but exists to explain the basic concepts of what is an operating system, what is assembly code, and other important basics. If you just want to get straight into practicals, it should be safe to skip this lesson.
OK LED Series (Beginner)
1OK01The OK01 lesson contains an explanation about how to get started, and teaches how to enable the 'OK' LED on the Raspberry Pi board near the RCA and USB ports.
2OK02The OK02 lesson builds on OK01, by causing the 'OK' LED to turn on and off repeatedly.
3OK03The OK03 lesson builds on OK02 by teaching how to use functions in assembly to make more resusable and rereadable code.
4OK04The OK04 lesson builds on OK03 by teaching how to use the timer to flash the 'OK' LED at precise intervals.
5OK05The OK05 lesson builds on OK04 using it to flash the SOS morse code pattern (...---...).
Screen Series (Advanced)
6Screen01The Screen01 lesson teaches some basic theory about graphics, and then applies it to display a gradient pattern to the screen or tv.
7Screen02The Screen02 lesson builds on Screen01, by teaching how to draw lines, and also a small feature on generating pseudo random numbers.
8Screen03The Screen03 lesson builds on Screen02 by teaching how to draw text to the screen, and introduces the concept of the kernel command line.
9Screen04The Screen04 lesson builds on Screen03 by teaching how to manipulate text to display computed values on the screen.
Input Series (Advanced)
10Input01The Input01 lesson teaches some theory about drivers, and linking programs, as well as keyboards. It is then applied to print out input characters to the screen.
10Input02The Input02 lesson builds on Input01 by teaching how to make a commnad line interface for an Operating System.

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