Saturday, August 18, 2012

99recharge spam on facebook

I keep seeing the message from 99recharge on various groups . Today i found the group and found that every message has an app link below them. What does this app do?


the number at the end is different . so how many app be this group are there on facebook?

What your Profile Says About you Find At >

What Love Says About you

In India, 1 in 4 Online Minutes are Spent on Social Networking Sites
Google Sites, Facebook and Yahoo! Sites Lead as Top Destinations in India

the black hole of all the image on the net

Aditya Marathe Oops, looks like somebody picked up a copyright protected image of the phantom cigg from my blog without my permission or attribution and used in the pic above!

 My Attitude - My Life - My Rules

 Fuck Sensitivity

 This page is absolutely CRAP

I still remember the day when I first saw you :)

Born in 90s (1990-1999)

Your body is not ruined. You're a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes

Awkward moment when you shout the wrong answer in the class with confidence

- Relationship ; Only For Two , But Some Bitches Don't Know How To Count .

True Friends Back You up When Fake Friends Talk Bullshit About You 

Its funny when i see people liking their own comments

Photos That Shook The World

'let dis semester go i wil study seriously from next' 

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The Ministry of Humor

The UnReal Times

Love Quotes

Quotes for You

It hurts so bad and i dont know what to say

٠•٠• Girls Are The Most Precious Gift of God ٠•٠•

RED BRIGADE .:MUFC:. I Bleed for Men In RED

Hundreds of Hilarious Pics

•• Amazing World •• 

Use The Smile To Change The World, Don't Let The World Change Your Smile ツ 

Photo Mania

 Ye engineering hai bhidu

Bodybuilding is lifestyle.

Bohot bhukh lagi hai yaar subah se kuch nahi khaya

The BACK Benchers 

Amazing Things in the World

If a girl knows footballers other than messi/ronaldo den she luvs football

Girls are instantly more attractive when they like football

I believe that Chelsea NO9 fernando torres will bounce back.

Putting in headphones,and then everybody wants to talk to you :@

Lite Lo Yaaron - Take it easy

My Top 10 Friends

Mechanical and Architectural design

See what your Friends think about U?

Laugh It's Free 

Yes I like cats 

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Inspirational, Motivational & Moral Stories For All 

Medical Humour

Don't Worry Be Happy

IMBA Troll

God Made Man, Man made Math, Math Made Man Mad (GMMMMMMMMM)

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I Flip My Pillow Over to Get To The Cold Side

Heather Gardner ~ The Raw Teacher

"Perfecting Youth"

This Page Is For Special People Like U 

Troll Dad

When I'm good. I'm good, when I'm evil. I'm better 

Crazy shit 

Shit Happens When You Are Naked 

Don't hate me because I have a sense of humor 

I think my mom's gone crazy 

Some shitty picture to clog your feed with 

LOL Radar 

Fuck With Me And We'll See Who's Gonna Shit On The Sidewalk 

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My Valentine Gift

The Fun Apps


TROLL-ing Out Loud 

Like A Boss 

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M always on fb 

Backbenchers Club

Kuch bhi

The BACK Benchers 

Chamanrao Takale

ROARrrrr for Jungle Tiger

OyEe BhAbhi hAi TeRi

Ye KyA BakH "LoLi" HAi '.9_9

BeInG l0gGeD In 0N FacEbO0K D0EsN't MeAn tHaT i D0N't D0 aNytHinG ElSe

Aap Gadhe Hain

LOL Happens

Gr8 ppl , Gr8 thoughts

Maine engineering li,Engineering ne meri li

आयुष्यात शेवटी आठवणीच राहतात

Make My Body

Movies Share

Born in 90s (1990-1999)


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