Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why we do not support anonymous and the media

Recent news reports of users using guy Fawkes /anonymous masks and defacing sites to protest government blocking sites has just saddened us.

why we do not support anonymous?

1) Since the beginning we believe only script kiddies or military or government or defacers from another country making a political statement deface /block/take down sites.
All of them have their reasons.

now all of them are anonymous
who is anonymous?

2) Governments modify the law and the court uses the laws to deny citizens the freedom of expressions.Denying a whole country access to the site deny all its citizens access to legitimate information (99% of this information is not harmful/copyrighted)

site defacers are doing just what the government is doing ie blocking innocent users the right to access information. what is difference between their actions and the actions of the government?

The only difference is the media will cover the story (the media will only cover stories where sites are defaced or people are violent on the streets .denial of access to legitimate information does not make a good news story ). All media in all democratic countries now have government minders (just like china). even if the media houses deny the fact.So the media these days is not the voice of the people . And media cannot be relied to supply factual and essential news.

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