Sunday, June 10, 2012

Military grade malware and the beginning of the end

 non-obvious warfare? Here's the paper that inspired today's  article:

Obama raised concerns that the Stuxnet program, code-named Olympic Games, would embolden other countries, terrorists and hackers to use similar attacks, but concluded that the U.S. had no other options available against Iran, the Times story said.

Today, for the cyber warriors, the dice are loaded towards offence and not defence.

Read more:

The Stuxnet project – codenamed "Olympic Games" – was actually started by the Bush administration and accelerated by Obama in his first months in office.
One: does Obama's duplicity – publicly espousing the internet as a space that is unpolluted by cyberwar and cyberespionage while covertly sponsoring a cyberweapon like Stuxnet – fatally undermine America's credibility as a defender of internet freedoms?

“This is the first attack of a major nature in which a cyberattack was used to effect physical destruction,” rather than just slow another computer, or hack into it to steal data.
“Somebody crossed the Rubicon,” he said.

There is no reason to believe that will remain the case for long. Some officials question why the same techniques have not been used more aggressively against North Korea. Others see chances to disrupt Chinese military plans, forces in Syria on the way to suppress the uprising there, and Qaeda operations around the world.

Till flame and similar malware .Good programmers could create tools to protect normal users from the malware for M$ ,even some anti virus programs worked

Unlike military grade weapons like nuclear weapons ,the normal criminal cannot imagine acquiring these weapons .
Sooner or later more countries will get the technology to replicate these nuclear weapons .

But what about cyber weapons?
Unlike conventional weapons military grade malware remains exclusive till someone reverse engineers the code . Now unlike conventional nukes there are many cyber criminals who must be rubbing their hands with glee and working hard to figure out who they can use the malware for their own evil reasons.

Unless the malware is un-crack-able sooner or later variants of this malware could be seen in the wild.

The big problems all the unsupported versions of windows still attached to the internet .
I  am sure there are still some old computer with windows 95 still connected to the net.
How many law offices,government offices use Microsoft products? will they be safe?now?in the future?

The sad part is all the netziens who just want to use the net to communicate ,make a living,shop,find support,find medical help are just sadly caught in this terrible terrible mess.

I really dont know if there is a way out now...............

Important information: One June 4th, 2012, Microsoft released a number of blog posts 

and an Update for Windows which is blocking three fraudulent certificates used by Flame. 

 recommend that Windows users apply this update immediately.
Microsoft SRD blog:

Microsoft security advisory 2718704:

MSRC blog:


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