Sunday, June 10, 2012

Googles Matt Cutts admits negative Seo exists

 People have asked questions about negative SEO for a long time. Our guidelines used to say it’s nearly impossible to do that, but there have been cases where that’s happened, so we changed the wording on that part of our guidelines.

Why not just be sincere and be awesome? We’re trying to stop spam so people can compete on a level playing field. -- Matt Cutts  (yes !! this is a positive thing)

Google does not use analytics in its rankings.  -- Matt Cutts 

 (personally DO NOT USE ANALYTICs ON YOUR SITE . IT will affect your ranking) [if you have tried it and it does not affect your ranking then let me know in your comments]

We want to see an earnest effort to remove the links.  -- Matt Cutts  (I would!! if you tell me how to removed all the negative seo black hat spam on the link below)
Some of our best launches have come from some of the most passionate criticism.

blog back hat seo hijackers

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