Sunday, May 20, 2012

something keeps changing on google search

“We(google) don’t tell you what to do, you can do whatever you want to, it’s your site. But we(google)  can do whatever we(google)  want to on our(google)  site to best serve our(google)  users.” — Matt CuttsSMX Advanced 2010 (paraphrased)

for the past year google search has been filled with negative reviews. A lot of good site got hit .In recent month google has done some good for the net by taking down a few black hat seo site.

so from the 16th -18th may things were looking up and sites were again getting decent traffic like they got in 2009-2010. Now again the traffic has been going down hill back to or worse then the best panda/penguin days.

If google does not fix its search and keeps getting negative publicity and with facebook,s 100 billion $ IPO . Let us hope facebook create a better search algorithm and people whose business depends on organic search find better days either with a better google or with some other search engine. The current panda/pengiun makes the internet feel like it is undergoing recession like greece.

Google panda is like imposing austerity measures over websites. How long will these austerity measure last before everyone on the internet protests en masse?

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