Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Problems with improper configuration of cloudflare

There are several problems which can arise with improper setting on dns
or improper detection of the dns settings by cloudflare

1) Cpanel can stop working
you need to add an A Name under the cloudflare dns points to
so will not work to access the cpanel . It will log you out.
you need to use (after adding it to your dns rules in cloudflare ,if it is not already there)

2) subdomains can stop working
cloudflare does not rescan your domain settings. So if you add a subdomain after the initial scan by cloudflare you need to goto the cloudflare dashboard and add the subdomain manually for it to work.

3) Tiny mce editors go blank
something to do with
could be also due to due to Rocket Loader™ (Web optimization)/ BETA?

you see the popup with #advanved_dlg.code_title
you need to right click on your blank editor and click reload and it work after 2-3 tries

you need to add a cname under the cloudflare dns for the sub domain points to

CloudFlare acts as a reverse proxy. As a result, you can still access cPanel or use FTP, but you will have to do so a little differently. To access cPanel or FTP:

Cloudflares block list does not seem to work correctly.I stops showing your the latest blocks after a certain time. (may 2012)

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