Thursday, May 17, 2012

no one at google knows how everything works

no one knows how everything works -- Google Search Quality Head Amit Singhal
lots of weird English in the article above  for eg " explain how excites he gets"

Now this brings up another questions . How much about search does matt cutts (who makes all the instructional videos on youtube and head of googles webspam team know about search)

Google is now moving towards understanding the intent behind the words. (resulting to shitty google searches )
But Mr Singhal say penguin and panda "they significantly improved the number of high quality sites being returned in results. " (is his results pure lab based or user feedback? does google ever get real world user feedback?)

Twitter produces content at a rate that is too massive for Google to crawl quickly and comprehensively -- Google Search Quality Head Amit Singhal
( I wonder how they were doing it earlier last year?) 

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