Thursday, May 10, 2012

Google’s Maile Ohye and why google is obsessed with SEO

what % of content creators know how to use seo
how many blogger really spend time decorating their content with seo tactics?
If the whole world starts using seo tactics will search become better? or worse?
Does seo add any value at all or just help google outdated algo find content (most of the times wrong content) . I use the words outdates because they still talk about things like "keywords" . How long as google been talking about keywords?

Google’s Maile Ohye Talks About “SEO Mistakes”
She says

- Include relevant keywords
- Be smart about your tags and site architecture

Stay fresh and relevant
google does not reward fresh and relevant search most of the time. And i have 100 of examples to prove it . The wrong content with the right keywords and the right seo tactics get rewarded . It is all about how much time and money you can spend on seo and not how much time and money you can spend on good content.

Take a look at the search results
now days outdated microsoft kbs come up on the top search for dns issues. most of the ms kbs related to windows and active directories instead of dns for the cpanel

Bing looks like it is on the right track

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