Sunday, May 13, 2012

Google Adsense good only if you live on the street

With the google web spam team telling users their site will be affected if they put too many ads. And google adsense revenue remaining the same it was 5 years ago.

People have began wonder if google adsense is only good for a guy who lives in the street and lives on 1$ a day ?
Yes there are many con sites which show they earned a 1000$,10,000$ but how much does a real guy earn on an average via google adsense. Yes there may be high traffic sites which could earn 500-1000$ .

But how many of you really do earn more than 1$ a day on google adense?

There is no proof for this but google seems to have set their algorithm manually so that certain countries cannot earn more than 500$ a month.
This means if a guy get 10000 or 20000 views he will not get more than 200-500$ via good adsense in certain countries. This is after feedback for the past 5 years from one of the guys.

Due to the difficulty in getting information from google this cannot be verified at the movement.

I think google has programmed its algo to manipulate the
 CPC  Page RPM depending on the country so that the users revenue is controlled. no other reason how the revenue cannot bypass 500$ in the past 5 years even with an exponential increase in page views.
in fact in 2005 10% of the page views used to give the same revenue it gives now


  1. Yes I have earned 100 Dollars with 3 months. Next Month I have earned 64 dollars. And now this month it may be around 65 Dollars. But I have given a lot of labour for that.
    Debabrata Ghosh
    West Bengal, India

    1. Debabrata if you make a lot of videos on bengal ,bengal food, and also blog about bengal you will make more money . just a tip. never know how google works

  2. That is the problem .Google makes millions of $$ but only shared not more than 1$ with the advertising sites