Saturday, May 12, 2012

Content Curation and Duplicate Content an why google does not get it

Who ever is looking at the bigger picture online at google seem to have a very microscopic view .

Here is why

site A - curated site
Site B - Company 1 news
Site C  Company 2 news

People like variety .
People do not have time to go to each site to see what is happening on all the sites.

Content creators from site B and site C post on Site A

What Google has done is kill site A . Has this helped users? Now a new user to the city will not find the various events and ultimately no find the 100 other exciting events (because Google has ordered the user to go to site B ) . This also means users who came to site C but who may have also gone to site B's events, now cannot go there.

Yes site A has the same content as site B and site C . But the content has been added by site B and site C because they would like to reach a diverse audience which will not happen is Google offers only site B and C , Site A gave the same user fast access to 20 different event and all the sites were happen and working in harmony.

Google micro views means if site A = site B remove site A (if site B posted first) . Now this is good for those sites who are affected by scrapers and mass copiers. But there are places on the internet where there are communities which cross post events on each others sites and this is a win win situation for both the sites.

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