Friday, November 4, 2011

The reson for googles shitty search results in the past 6 months

I always wondered i type a very specific site and it never came up on the first page of the search results for the past few month!!  This is really crazy logic

On the  blog 

If I search for [olympics], I probably want information about next summer’s upcoming Olympics, not the 1900

When i types olympics i wanted info on olympics in general not olympics 2012? But i would like to read a complete article like the wikipedia articles. There are times i would like to get the lastest info but not always

The aim is to return information about what users are actually searching for, rather than necessarily what they have typed in. --  Amit Singhal

The problem with this logic (from search results)
The algo is trying to find the related keywords info which just does not relate to the specific search query (even if they search bot find the latest article with that related keyword) . Google need to monitor how many google pages a user  before they click on a search result or just leave google in frustration 

Update 21st Jan 2012 The Mountain View search giant blamed unfavorable foreign exchange rates and some recent changes in its search and advertising algorithms for the failure to meet expectations.

This was expected thank to amit and matt cutts

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