Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why SEO is useless

 We assign PageRank based on links,

Here is why it is spam

SEO is all about making money not content
The guys making more links to content are not doing it to share great content (most of the time it is to share sub standard content)

This causes a guy who has not time but great content to not be able to get his content to the people would benefit from his content .

Google should be working on finding great content . Not making spend useless time trying to get links on other sites (this must have been practical 10 years ago) Now days no one wants comments with links

Why should the end user waste their time with keyword to get their great content to the right audience ? This is so wrong


SEO costs money not everyone can do SEO even blogger (a google product sucks at SEO - it sucks so much that the guy who works for google below does not use it ) and people who use the google product and just write blogs get ZERO traffic (compared to those who use seo plugins on this self hosted blog The comments on this video says it all .

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  1. This is the problem with google supporting seo (mainly links). you get idiots spamming all the websites with their links in comment. All because google makes a site more important depending on how many people linked to it. Google needs to grow up. People no longer use links in social 2.0 (except black hat seo spammers like the ones above )