Friday, October 14, 2011

What google+ needs to be a real social network

Right now oct 15th 2011 google+ sucks and no one is using it .

The only thing people are doing is adding people to circles or clicking on +1 on posts . Some users are posting links and others are promoting their photographs

My Recommendations

1) Allow the formation of Groups (not circles ) which are publicly visible and users can join the groups/circles with any email/fb/twitter accounts (not just gmail)

2) work on different chat options pure text chat /pure voice chat/a mix of both /video chat

3) Allow streaming of blog posts (like networked blogs which is used on facebook )

4)  Incorporated options so posting on google+ can be shown on twitter and facebook (like selective tweets /hootsuite)

5) After getting the basics allow a global forum with categories for each city (down to the each street in that city (or circles instead of categories)

6) Incorporate google checkout and allow users to buy and sell globally
(paypal killer/ebay killer)

7) Incorporate google voice and allow users to use it globally
(skype killer)

Stop asking for REAL NAMES (unless you want your users to be stalked )

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