Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ways to get help feedback at google ?

Matt_Cutts  link suggested way how to get feedback. Are these viable?

The primary ways to get feedback are:- looking for messages in our webmaster console at
that is a nightmare ,it is impossible to find a solution on that space .Frankly 99% of the issues are not listed there in the faq.
- asking in our webmaster forum, also linked to from
the forum does not have any authority and also you get outdated info from 2006/2008
- doing a reconsideration request (also helps with confirmation of manual action)

- you can talk to search engine reps at various search conferences, e.g. I'll be at PubCon next month.
Not possible for users who do not stay in the us . Also it is impossible to talk to the reps there . 

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