Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The problem at google departments do not work together

Matt_Cutts "I can't speak for the AdSense (for Domains) team"

I don't know the support situation for AdSense

For the past two months it has been impossible to find relevant info on googles main page .Also some third party sites say that using adsense will penalize the site after the panda update. So the adsense team wants your to put ads but the google search and webspam team do not want you to put ads? there is no authoritative clarification on this from google (just speculation on third party seo sites)  

"I work off in a little corner of the company(google) (both technically and geographically) that gives me very little insight into anything else going on there." --  Google engineer Steve Yegge link

Jan 21st 2012

On Friday, Google's shares fell more than 8 per cent. Google missed both its revenue and earnings targets after cost-per-click (CPC) -- or money that marketers pay Google when Websurfers click on its search ads -- decreased for the first time in two years despite record US online commerce during the holiday season. Several brokerages cut their price targets on the stock.

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