Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to upgrade dolphin from 7.0.7 to 7.0.8

1) Download   Dolphin-Patch-v.7.0.8 
For those who do not use ftp . Log into your cpanel of your hosting site.

2) Upload the file  Dolphin-Patch-v.7.0.8.zip and then click and extract the file .

This will create a folder upgrade .

3) Open the folder upgrade on your site and delete the file /.htaccess from inside the upgrade folder .

4) Open your brower and go to http://yoursite/upgrade or  http://yoursite/dolphin folder/upgrade

5) CLick on upgrade 

6) Open your site and click on administer (bottom right) and then go to Tools>modules and click upgrade and then recompile languages . 

The last step of this upgrade is IMPORTANT. You will be given special instructions by the script which you will have to do MANUALLY.

Automatic part of upgade is completed. Please do the following to complete upgrade process:

    Clean /cache/, /cache_public/ and /tmp/ folders via FTP or SSH, leave only .htaccess file there if one exists

{Note you would need to change the permission to 755 from 666 if they do not get deleted}

    Recompile Orca Forum language file from admin panel -> Modules -> Orca Forum -> Manage Forum (This step did not work for me as this option is not there)

    Remove /upgrade/ directory
    Change the following lines in inc/header.inc.php file:
$site['ver']               = '7.0';
$site['build']             = '8';


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  1. avizaz are you just posting the link for seo ? your link does not seem to have been built on dolphin UA-3017366-2