Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to switch from self hosted wordpress to blogger

Why blogger?

Self hosted wordpress just takes too much time (too many manual updated to keep your wp files upto date / worry about security etc).

Cost of hosting/ worrying about memory issues (most hosting companies have limits to the memory they allocated to each host and they never tell you the upfront so you only learn when you site goes down wp and buddy press are resource hogs ) .Then you have to deal with your sites hosting tech support (hopefully they are not outsourcing their space - but in many countries they are outsourcing their space which means they have no idea what is happening )



blogger + your own domain costs about 25$ for FIVE years ! now that is a steal .

Draw backs - blogger does not support PDF files (posterous makes this super easy especially when you email your content and pdf files to posterous) . So if you have a lot of pdf files then blogger is not the platform for you.

When the google guy Matt Cutts does not use his own companies product and uses wordpress for his site you know the product is not really that good for seo . So when you see Matt Cutts using blogger you know blogger is not in a league with wordpress when it comes to seo ( the google team kills blogger seo big time  - you own domain help but it should be this way!!)


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