Monday, October 3, 2011

the games google and their spiders play oct 2011

From 1st sept to 30th sept it was impossible to find the right links on the main page.

The original site will show 2-3 links below the top link . Sometimes on page 5 of the google search results.

Chinese Baidu has been spidering the web much more than the google bot ( I suspect if Baidu comes out with an english search engine many people will more to baidu .)

There has been just too many stupid changes in googles search algo which is changing so often and NOT making the search results any where better . In fact september was the worst month for finding relevant results on the main page. (i suspect this is due to the super stupid side wide penalties which killed 1000 of relevant pages and sites ) .

I was a google fan from 1999 till 2010 . Now i just wait for a better search engine to come out .

october 15th 2011 . Google crawlers are a bit better than in the past 3 months .

October 25th 2011 . Google crawlers are slowly reaching their previous quality (before july 2011 when someone really went wrong in their search algorithm)

All my deductions are speculative looking at site traffic to quality posts .

November 4th 2011 .- google traffic increases to quality pages . Google search results still stucking big time since july 2011 . It take 4-5 pages to find the right info (which used to come up on the first page) now days that info looks like it is completely removed from the search results 

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