Thursday, October 13, 2011

Evaluating Addthis bookmarking links

The Bad
 THE BAD /unreadable/dead options in add this  Microsoft .NET stories site in russian redirect to italian site (cant understand so didnt try it )  New User Registration Suspended arabic site arabic site arabic site Server not found some religious site?
URL 2 Tag | Create your short QR code and share for mobile

The OK
reddit functionally unobtrusively integrated into Firefox!  (reddit firefox addon)

REDDIT sucks compared to delicious and stumblers because it does not have a right click functionality .Also there is a captcha every thing you want to submit a link to their site. They do not let you submit more than one link per 1 minute . users lose interest due to the captch and the time wait and leave.

they leave shitty message like "you are doing that too much. try again in 9 minutes." has a super easy registration system unliked the outdated paranoid reddit pretty amateur site but easy to post your bookmarks allows your to sign up with facebook
after registering and adding a bookmark it redirects to

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