Friday, October 14, 2011

Changing unity desktop to Gnome3 on ubuntu 11.10

The change over was much easier than on ubuntu 11.04 (it did not break unity) .

UPDATE this maybe damage your system . It can make systems with unity sluggish and browsers do not refresh correctly .

If you do not like unity go for linux distros to try if you hate ubuntu 11.10 lubuntu or
Linux: Mageia

So under unity . Click on the ubuntu software center on the left bar and then type in gnome . Click on install. It will warn you it will remove some applets - click ok.

It takes a while for Gnome3 to download and install . After it has installed . You have to log out of the unity session . Then click the white circle next to your login name and then choose Gnome or Gnome classic . I chose Gnome Classic. To get the Firefox icon on the applet bar on the top you have to click and drag the FF icon outwards( towards the right ) and then you can move the icons to the top bar. In older versions you could just click and drag the icon to the top . Now it have to be dragged to the right before if can be taken upwards.

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