Saturday, September 24, 2011

submitting a site to baidu

网站提交通道 您可以使用此通道向百度提交网站,只需提交一页(首页),百度搜索引擎会自动收录网站内的网页,您提交的网站如果符合相关标准,那么百度会按照搜索引擎收录标准在一个月内处理它,但百度不保证一定能收录您提交的网站。 Submit Channel You can use this channel to submit to the Baidu website, simply submit a (home), Baidu search engine automatically included within the site pages, submit your site if they meet the relevant standards, then the search engine Baidu will be included in accordance with standards in a month dealt with it, but Baidu does not guarantee that the website can be included in your submission. 网站登录   · 一个免费登录网站只需提交一页(首页),百度搜索引擎会自动收录网页。   · 符合相关标准您提交的网址,会在1个月内按百度搜索引擎收录标准被处理。   · 百度不保证一定能收录您提交的网站。 Site Login * A free login to submit a site only (home), Baidu search engine automatically included in Web pages. • Complies with relevant standards you have submitted URL will be within 1 month by Baidu search engines are the standard treatment. * Baidu is not guaranteed to include the website you submit. 提交成功!感谢您对百度的关注和支持! Submit successfully! Thank you for your attention and support Baidu!

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