Tuesday, September 27, 2011

changes at delicious - firefox add ons no longer work 27th sept

After some changes on delicious . When were you try to book mark a link with the right click on firefox ,delicious keeps asking you to log in.

It look like you have to go to delicious and add your link and cant do it from any site . (till the plug in /add on is fixed??)

Update 1st october 2011
Their blog says it is fixed( feed back needed and i need to check it out)

Firefox Extension Fixed

After a long wrestling match with undocumented APIs, our intrepid Chief Engineer has fixed the Firefox Extensions.  To get your extension back up and running, you will need to take the following steps:

1.  Log out of delicious.com (make sure you are logged out on the extension AND the site)
2.  Go to Tools -> Clear Recent History
      - Select Time Range:  Everything
      - Check the "Cookies", "Cache", and "Active Logins" options
3.  Close and re-open Firefox
4.  Sign In to Delicious
5.  Go to Tools -> Delicious Options -> Sync Now

CONFIRMED THE  Firefox Extension is working again 1st october 2011


  1. Confirmed. Same problem here! FF6.
    And no update provided yet, 2011-09-27 :(

  2. Confirmed, same configuration as EETV, alas...