Tuesday, September 27, 2011

changes at delicious - firefox add ons no longer work 27th sept

After some changes on delicious . When were you try to book mark a link with the right click on firefox ,delicious keeps asking you to log in.

It look like you have to go to delicious and add your link and cant do it from any site . (till the plug in /add on is fixed??)

Update 1st october 2011
Their blog says it is fixed( feed back needed and i need to check it out)

Firefox Extension Fixed

After a long wrestling match with undocumented APIs, our intrepid Chief Engineer has fixed the Firefox Extensions.  To get your extension back up and running, you will need to take the following steps:

1.  Log out of delicious.com (make sure you are logged out on the extension AND the site)
2.  Go to Tools -> Clear Recent History
      - Select Time Range:  Everything
      - Check the "Cookies", "Cache", and "Active Logins" options
3.  Close and re-open Firefox
4.  Sign In to Delicious
5.  Go to Tools -> Delicious Options -> Sync Now

CONFIRMED THE  Firefox Extension is working again 1st october 2011

issue tracking and project tracking for software development

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FogBugz is the world's easiest bug tracking system, built for teams who are serious about shipping great software.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changes to StumbleUpon Account as of October 24, 2011

Our primary goal at StumbleUpon is to help you discover great things. Our focus is on delivering you faster, better and more personalized recommendations, so that each time you click the "Stumble!" button you see more amazing content from every corner of the web!
In order to focus on improving the discovery experience for you, and after careful consideration, we have decided to remove Groups, discontinue the ability to select Themes, and simplify Blogging capabilities. We know some of you have enjoyed having these features, but we believe that these changes will allow us to better focus on making stumbling amazing for you.
Here's how these changes will take place:
  1. Groups: Groups will be visible until October 24th, then will be removed permanently from the site. You can manually copy anything you'd like to keep, or will be able to export group information. We are working on an export option and will send more specific details in a few weeks.
  2. Themes: Your current theme will remain up until October 24th. At that time all themes will be changed to a default theme that is a white background with black type. To see how your profile will look with the default theme, change your settings here.
  3. Blog Posts/HTML Reviews: After October 24th we will no longer offer HTML/Blogging functionality, but you'll still be able to access blog posts and reviews created before October 24th which will exist in plain text format. We are working on an export option and will send more specific details about this in a few weeks.

New blogger interface error

com.google.gwt.user.client.rpc.StatusCodeException: 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details

The funniest part of the error is see server log for details . when there is no link to see these details .

Browser Information

- Shockwave Flash
- iTunes Application Detector
Product Information
GOOGLE_FEEDBACK_CLIENT_LOG: [ 0.002s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] start called
[ 0.006s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] installCleanup_ called
[ 0.007s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] installCleanup_ finished in 1ms
[ 0.007s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] hideEmbeddedObjects_ called
[ 0.007s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] hideEmbeddedObjects_ finished in 0ms
[ 0.007s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] downloadOpenData_ called
[ 0.014s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] downloadOpenData_ finished in 7ms
[ 0.014s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] start finished in 12ms
[ 0.463s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] createProductView_ called
[ 0.463s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] create called
[ 0.463s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] chooseWindowToCapture_ called
[ 0.463s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] chooseWindowToCapture_ finished in 0ms
[ 0.463s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] computeSize_ called
[ 0.464s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] computeSize_ finished in 1ms
[ 0.464s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] createFrames_ called
[ 0.511s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] createFrames_ finished in 47ms
[ 0.512s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] setFeedbackFrameHtml_ called
[ 0.703s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] setFeedbackFrameHtml_ finished in 192ms
[ 0.703s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] setupCloseButtons_ called
[ 0.704s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] setupCloseButtons_ finished in 1ms
[ 0.704s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] listenForEvents_ called
[ 0.705s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] listenForEvents_ finished in 1ms
[ 0.705s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] createAnnotator_ called
[ 0.706s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] createAnnotator_ finished in 1ms
[ 0.711s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] create finished in 248ms
[ 0.711s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] focusProxyFrame_ called
[ 0.711s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] focusProxyFrame_ finished in 0ms
[ 0.722s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] prepareProxyXpc_ called
[ 0.722s] [goog.net.xpc] CrossPageChannel created: FF2pqb3NUD
[ 0.730s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] prepareProxyXpc_ finished in 8ms
[ 0.730s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProgressBar] Progress: 1/13
[ 0.730s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] connectProxyXpc_ called
[ 0.730s] [goog.net.xpc] connect()
[ 0.731s] [goog.net.xpc] Transport created: NativeMessagingTransport
[ 0.731s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] connectProxyXpc_ finished in 1ms
[ 0.731s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] createProductView_ finished in 268ms
[ 1.498s] [goog.net.xpc] Channel "FF2pqb3NUD" connected
[ 1.498s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] prepareRenderXpc_ called
[ 1.499s] [goog.net.xpc] CrossPageChannel created: tNU9cMv54P
[ 1.507s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] prepareRenderXpc_ finished in 9ms
[ 1.507s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProgressBar] Progress: 2/13
[ 1.508s] [goog.net.xpc] connect()
[ 1.508s] [goog.net.xpc] Transport created: NativeMessagingTransport
[ 2.021s] [goog.net.xpc] Channel "tNU9cMv54P" connected
[ 2.021s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProgressBar] Progress: 3/13
[ 2.021s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] captureHtmlSnapshot_ called
[ 2.022s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] captureSnapshot called
[ 2.023s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] processDocuments_ called
[ 2.146s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] processDocuments_ finished in 123ms
[ 2.146s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] cloneDocuments_ called
[ 2.158s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] cloneDocuments_ finished in 12ms
[ 2.158s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] findClonedNodes_ called
[ 2.165s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] findClonedNodes_ finished in 6ms
[ 2.165s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] captureSnapshot finished in 143ms
[ 2.165s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] captureHtmlSnapshot_ finished in 144ms
[ 4.162s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] runNodeProcessors_ called
[ 4.168s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] runNodeProcessors_ finished in 6ms
[ 4.168s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] captureDocuments_ called
[ 4.172s] [userfeedback.web.capture.SnapshotCapturer] captureDocuments_ finished in 4ms
[ 4.173s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProgressBar] Progress: 13/13
[ 4.174s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] displayHtmlSnapshot_ called
[ 4.174s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] displayHtmlSnapshot called
[ 4.212s] [userfeedback.common.HtmlDisplayer] Increased document count: 1
[ 4.256s] [userfeedback.common.HtmlDisplayer] Increased document count: 2
[ 4.410s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] displayHtmlSnapshot finished in 236ms
[ 4.410s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] displayHtmlSnapshot_ finished in 236ms
[ 4.430s] [userfeedback.common.HtmlDisplayer] Decreased document count: 1
[ 4.450s] [userfeedback.common.HtmlDisplayer] Decreased document count: 0
[ 4.450s] [userfeedback.common.HtmlDisplayer] All documents displayed. Dispatching SCREENSHOT_DISPLAYED
[ 4.462s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] enableProductView_ called
[ 4.462s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] enable called
[ 4.720s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] enable finished in 258ms
[ 4.720s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] focusProxyFrame_ called
[ 4.721s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] focusProxyFrame_ finished in 1ms
[ 4.721s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] enableProductView_ finished in 259ms
[ 4.721s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] saveImageScreenshotCoordinates_ called
[ 4.721s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] saveImageScreenshotCoordinates_ finished in 0ms
[ 4.721s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] initializeRendering_ called
[ 4.721s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] initializeRendering_ finished in 0ms
[ 6.916s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] rewriteImageUrls_ called
[ 6.917s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] rewriteImageUrls_ finished in 1ms
[ 6.925s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] sendImageUrlsToRenderFrame_ called
[ 6.925s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrame] Sending 13 image URLs
[ 6.925s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] sendImageUrlsToRenderFrame_ finished in 0ms
[ 16.674s] [XPC] [ 15.129s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProxyFrame] openPreviewWindow_ called
[ 16.707s] [XPC] [ 15.217s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProxyFrame] openPreviewWindow_ finished in 88ms
[ 16.733s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] preview called
[ 16.734s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] saveImageScreenshotCoordinates_ called
[ 16.734s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] saveImageScreenshotCoordinates_ finished in 0ms
[ 16.734s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] disable called
[ 16.741s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProductView] disable finished in 7ms
[ 16.741s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] putFieldValuesInPreviewData_ called
[ 16.741s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] putFieldValuesInPreviewData_ finished in 0ms
[ 16.742s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] collectAnnotateCommands_ called
[ 16.742s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] collectAnnotateCommands_ finished in 0ms
[ 16.742s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] preview finished in 9ms
[ 16.771s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] collectRenderingCommands_ called
[ 16.792s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] collectRenderingCommands_ finished in 21ms
[ 16.913s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] Rendering commands count: 22
[ 16.913s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] renderInRenderFrame_ called
[ 16.914s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] renderInRenderFrame_ finished in 1ms
[ 16.961s] [XPC] [ 0.003s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] installCleanup_ called
[ 16.961s] [XPC] [ 0.003s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] installCleanup_ finished in 0ms
[ 16.962s] [XPC] [ 0.088s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] createCanvas_ called
[ 16.963s] [XPC] [ 0.089s] [userfeedback.render.canvas] Canvas size: 100 x 100
[ 16.963s] [XPC] [ 0.089s] [userfeedback.render.canvas] Using HTML5 canvas
[ 16.964s] [XPC] [ 0.092s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] createCanvas_ finished in 4ms
[ 16.966s] [XPC] [ 0.094s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] connectXpc_ called
[ 16.966s] [XPC] [ 0.094s] [goog.net.xpc] connect()
[ 16.967s] [XPC] [ 0.094s] [goog.net.xpc] Transport created: NativeMessagingTransport
[ 16.969s] [XPC] [ 0.095s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] connectXpc_ finished in 1ms
[ 16.969s] [XPC] [ 0.097s] [goog.net.xpc] Channel "tNU9cMv54P" connected
[ 16.970s] [XPC] [ 15.061s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] render_ called
[ 16.970s] [XPC] [ 15.061s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] checkCanvas_ called
[ 16.971s] [XPC] [ 15.064s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] setCommands_ called
[ 16.972s] [XPC] [ 15.064s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] setCommands_ finished in 0ms
[ 17.180s] [XPC] [ 15.065s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] checkCanvas_ finished in 4ms
[ 17.181s] [XPC] [ 15.066s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] render_ finished in 5ms
[ 17.235s] [XPC] [ 15.101s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] runRenderingCommands_ called
[ 17.235s] [XPC] [ 15.102s] [userfeedback.render.canvas.commands.run] Rendering commands count: 22
[ 17.260s] [XPC] [ 15.305s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] runRenderingCommands_ finished in 204ms
[ 17.353s] [XPC] [ 15.382s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] runAnnotateCommands_ called
[ 17.354s] [XPC] [ 15.382s] [userfeedback.render.annotate] renderAnnotations
[ 17.407s] [XPC] [ 15.387s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] runAnnotateCommands_ finished in 5ms
[ 17.720s] [XPC] [ 15.609s] [userfeedback.render.annotate] waitFor(isImageReady) done
[ 18.230s] [XPC] [ 16.775s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProxyFrame] showPreviewDataIfPossible_ called
[ 18.231s] [XPC] [ 16.775s] [userfeedback.web.main.ProxyFrame] showPreviewDataIfPossible_ finished in 0ms
[ 18.828s] [XPC] [ 16.788s] [userfeedback.render.blackouts.shrink] Trying toDataURL()...
[ 18.829s] [XPC] [ 16.954s] [userfeedback.render.blackouts.shrink] Checking if data URL fits: 14486, ...
[ 18.830s] [XPC] [ 16.954s] [userfeedback.render.blackouts.shrink] fits: true
[ 19.838s] [XPC] [ 17.960s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] runBlackoutCommands_ called
[ 19.839s] [XPC] [ 17.961s] [userfeedback.render.annotate] renderAnnotations
[ 19.841s] [XPC] [ 17.963s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] runBlackoutCommands_ finished in 3ms
[ 20.998s] [XPC] [ 18.962s] [userfeedback.render.annotate] waitFor(isImageReady) done
[ 22.151s] [XPC] [ 20.110s] [userfeedback.render.blackouts.shrink] Trying toDataURL()...
[ 22.152s] [XPC] [ 20.276s] [userfeedback.render.blackouts.shrink] Checking if data URL fits: 14486, ...
[ 22.152s] [XPC] [ 20.277s] [userfeedback.render.blackouts.shrink] fits: true
[ 23.127s] [XPC] [ 21.253s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] sendScreenshot_ called
[ 23.128s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] putScreenshotInPreviewData_ called
[ 23.128s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] putScreenshotInPreviewData_ finished in 0ms
[ 23.129s] [XPC] [ 21.253s] [userfeedback.web.main.RenderFrameContent] sendScreenshot_ finished in 0ms
[ 23.131s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] buildLegacyScreenshot_ called
[ 23.145s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] buildLegacyScreenshot_ finished in 15ms
[ 23.152s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] buildLayers_ called
[ 23.155s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] buildLayers_ finished in 3ms
[ 23.162s] [userfeedback.web.main.Product] buildRequest_ called

submitting a site to baidu

网站提交通道 您可以使用此通道向百度提交网站,只需提交一页(首页),百度搜索引擎会自动收录网站内的网页,您提交的网站如果符合相关标准,那么百度会按照搜索引擎收录标准在一个月内处理它,但百度不保证一定能收录您提交的网站。 Submit Channel You can use this channel to submit to the Baidu website, simply submit a (home), Baidu search engine automatically included within the site pages, submit your site if they meet the relevant standards, then the search engine Baidu will be included in accordance with standards in a month dealt with it, but Baidu does not guarantee that the website can be included in your submission. http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/tools/sitesubmit 网站登录   · 一个免费登录网站只需提交一页(首页),百度搜索引擎会自动收录网页。   · 符合相关标准您提交的网址,会在1个月内按百度搜索引擎收录标准被处理。   · 百度不保证一定能收录您提交的网站。 Site Login * A free login to submit a site only (home), Baidu search engine automatically included in Web pages. • Complies with relevant standards you have submitted URL will be within 1 month by Baidu search engines are the standard treatment. * Baidu is not guaranteed to include the website you submit. 提交成功!感谢您对百度的关注和支持! Submit successfully! Thank you for your attention and support Baidu!

Baidu seo and baidu sitemap xml

1) goto baidu.com and create an account . use http://translate.google.com to understand the words 欢迎进入站长平台 在此平台上,你可以: 使用站长工具。提交Sitemap帮助百度更好地发现链接;获取URL优化建议;更多工具请查看左侧导航。 与百度沟通。阅读搜索引擎优化指南;访问站长俱乐部获取更多信息;向百度反馈问题或提出建议。 Welcome to Webmaster platform In this platform, you can: Use webmaster tools. Submit a Sitemap to find links to help Baidu better; get the URL optimization; more tools, please see left navigation. Communicate with Baidu. Read search engine optimization guide; For more information visit the club owners; Baidu feedback to questions or make recommendations. http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/welcome Sitemap 什么是Sitemap? 最简单的Sitepmap文件,就是XML形式的URL列表,在其中列出网站中的URL,以便搜索引擎可以更加智能地抓取网站。 百度支持 sitemaps.org 所定义的sitemap协议,您可以根据此协议创建sitemap。 我可以用这个工具做什么? 您可以通过Sitemap工具告知百度您的网站上有哪些可供抓取的网页。有助于百度spider更了解您的网站,包括那些传统spider可能发现不了的网页。 您还可以告知百度您的网站有哪些失效的、或者不想被抓取的网页。 注意 百度不保证一定会抓取Sitemap中所有网址并收录,也不影响其排名。但是,我们会使用sitemap中的数据了解网站的结构,帮助我们改进spider的抓取。 Sitemap工具正在测试中。您可以在下方输入激活码参与内测。 Sitemap What is a Sitemap? The simplest Sitepmap file, the URL is a list of XML form, in which list the site URL, so search engines can more intelligently crawl the site. Baidu support the sitemap protocol defined sitemaps.org, you can create under this agreement sitemap. I can use this tool do? You can tell by Baidu Sitemap tools on your site that are available for crawling the web. Baidu spider helps to better understand your site, including those that may fail to detect the traditional spider web. You also can tell what your site Baidu failure, or do not want to be crawled. Note Baidu does not guarantee that all URLs will be crawled and included a Sitemap does not affect its ranking. However, we will be using a sitemap data about site structure, to help us improve spider crawl. Sitemap tools being tested. You can enter the activation code below to participate in closed beta. 如何获取激活码? How to get activation code? 如何获取激活码 Sitemap工具正在内测中,需要激活使用,请发送邮件至zhanzhang@baidu.com获取激活码。邮件标题请填写申请站长平台激活码,正文需要包括您的网站信息和联系方式,谢谢! 数据提交流程 第一步:添加网站,验证网站归属。 ·登录后点击“添加网站”。若网站删除或更换域名,则需重新提交。 ·点击“验证此网站”,选择验证方式并获取验证文件,完成验证。详细请参考右图。 · 验证方式一:文件验证 · 验证方式二:HTML标签验证 How to get activation code Sitemap tools are being measured, the need to activate to use, please send an email to zhanzhang@baidu.com for activation. Please fill out the application message headers webmaster platform activation key, text needs to include your website information and contact details, thank you! Data submission process The first step: add a site to verify site ownership. * Login and click "Add Site." If the site has been removed or replaced domain, you need to re-submit. * Click on "verify this site", select the authentication and access validation file, complete the verification. Refer to right. • Verify way: file validation * Authentication method two: HTML tag validation If you have wordpress use the baidu sitemap generator plugin to create the site map Baidu Sitemap Generator http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/baidu-sitemap-generator/ 插件介绍: Plugin Name » Baidu Sitemap Generator Description » This pulgin generates a Baidu XML-Sitemap for WordPress Blog. | 生成百度 Sitemap XML 文件。就相当于网站被百度--全球最大的中文搜索引擎订阅,进而为您的网站带来潜在的流量。 FAQ: 1,Baidu Sitemap 对百度的收录有起效果嘛? 这个我也不知道。所以才需要大家来测试。 2,这是百度的《互联网论坛收录开放协议》,对WordPress博客有用嘛? 这个也无法得知。所以也需要大家来测试。但在协议中里面有一句“百度spider收录使用任何程序架设的论坛”。这么着,wordpress 其实也可以看成是一个论坛。我们只要按照协议里提到的来制作XML文件。但里面也有一句“只是对百度spider原有收录方式的一种协助和有益补充,而不是取代……百度spider对于您的网站及论坛的正常收录不会改变”。 既然是有益而无害。当然要尝试一下。 3,xml文件生成之后,我如何知道网站是否被成功收录? 百度spider将对您提供的数据进行测试和评估。 若测试后没有任何问题,将会在一周内正式收录,这时您可以在百度网页搜索框内输入“site:网站域名”查看收录的来自您网站的信息。 4,XML文件有其它需要注意的嘛? XML文件的大小最大为10M,大于10M的文件百度spider将不能保证正确获取。 5,一个站点可以提交多个不同的XML地址吗? 不可以,否则可能会被识别为作弊。 6,如何理解Baidu Sitemap后台的‘文章排列顺序’? 是指包含量在XML文件中文章的排序顺序。主要有三个时间:文章的发布时间、文章的修改时间、最新的评论时间。如以‘文章的发布时间’排在最先,那最新发布的文章就会优化排在XML文件中的最前面。如以‘最新评论时间’排在最先,那有最新评论的文章将优化排在XML文件的前面。 7,百度spider是不是抓取XML里的全部内容? 百度spider将在进行质量判断后展现给用户,即被发现的内容并不一定最终会展现在百度网页搜索的结果中。 8,需要把全部文章都放到XML页面上吗? 不需要。您只需要将最近一个更新周期内新增的和变化了的帖子逐个罗列在XML页面上,更新周期由您在标签中设定。假设更新周期为12小时,则您每次只须提供最近12小时内发布及变更的帖子信息。 9,生成的XML-Sitemap文件需要提交到百度嘛? 不需要的。况且百度也没提供地方可以提交。你可以在首页或任何合适的地方做个链接。保证百度蜘蛛能访问到就行了。 10,可以把百度Sitemap加到robots.txt嘛? 可以。如加一句: Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap_baidu.xml。方便百度收录。有几个sitemap的话也是一样的,一行一个,如: Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap_baidu.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap-google.xml 11,同时使用Google XML-Sitemap和百度Sitemap会影响嘛?算作弊嘛? 不算作弊。也不会有影响。 12. win主机用这个要写静态规则,不写的话打开是404错误页面。我是写了这两个规则才能访问的。 baidu sitemap伪静态规则: RewriteRule /sitemap_baidu.xml/sitemap_baidu.xml [L] RewriteRule /sitemap.html/sitemap.html [L] Lc.Archivers伪静态规则: RewriteRule /archivers/(.*)/archivers/$1 [L] 其它说明: 请保持每个XML文件处于按更新周期持续自动更新的状态。 注意: 百度spider不保证一定能收录您提交的全部内容。 Plugin Description: Plugin Name »Baidu Sitemap Generator Description »This pulgin generates a Baidu XML-Sitemap for WordPress Blog. | Baidu Sitemap XML file to generate. The equivalent site is Baidu - the world's largest Chinese search engine subscription, then the potential for your site's traffic. FAQ: 1, Baidu Sitemap Baidu's results included a play thing? This I do not know. So we only need to test. 2, which is Baidu's "Internet forum included an open agreement", be useful for your WordPress blog thing? This is also not known. So we also need to test. But in the agreement which has a "Baidu spider set up any program included a forum." So a, wordpress can in fact be seen as a forum. As long as we mentioned in accordance with the agreement to create an XML file. But there is also a "spider Baidu only one way to assist in collection of original and useful supplement, not replace ... ... Baidu spider's web site and forums for your normal collection will not change." Since it is a useful and harmless. Of course, to try. 3, xml files are generated, how do I know whether the site was successfully included? Baidu spider will provide you with data for testing and evaluation. If the test without any problems, will be officially included in the week, then you can Baidu Web Search box enter "site: domain" view contains information from your site. 4, XML documents have other thing to note? XML file size up to 10M, 10M of files larger than Baidu spider will not guarantee the right to obtain. 5, a site can submit a number of different XML address? No, otherwise you might be identified as cheating. 6, how to understand Baidu Sitemap background 'articles order'? Refers to the amount in the XML file that contains the sort order of the article. There are three major time: the release time of the article, the article's modification time, the latest comment time. As in the 'article publication time' came in first, then optimize the latest articles published will be ranked in the top of the XML file. As in the 'latest comments time' came in first, then comment on the latest articles will optimize the front row in the XML file. 7, Baidu spider is crawling all the content in XML? Baidu spider will be doing after the show to judge the quality of the user, he incurs the ultimate discovery of the content does not necessarily show up in Baidu search results page. 8, all articles need to put the XML page to it? No. You only need to update the most recent cycle of new and changed posts one by one listed in the XML page, the update cycle from your label set. Assuming update period of 12 hours, then every time you only need to provide the most recent changes within 12 hours of release and post information. 9, the resulting XML-Sitemap files need to be submitted to the Baidu Well? Unnecessary. Moreover, Baidu did not provide places to submit. You can page or any suitable place to be a link. Baidu Spider ensure access to on the line. 10, can be added to robots.txt Sitemap Baidu Well? Can. Like to add that: Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap_baidu.xml. Convenient Baidu included. Sitemap few words is the same, one per line, such as: Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap_baidu.xml Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap-google.xml 11, using both Baidu and Google XML-Sitemap Sitemap affect Well? Well considered cheating? Not cheating. It is not affected. 12. Win a static host use this to write the rules, do not write the words to open a 404 error page. I wrote these two rules to visits. baidu sitemap pseudo-static rules: RewriteRule / sitemap_baidu.xml / sitemap_baidu.xml [L] RewriteRule / sitemap.html / sitemap.html [L] Lc.Archivers pseudo-static rules: RewriteRule / archivers /(.*)/ archivers / $ 1 [L] Description: Please keep each XML file is automatically updated by updating the status of ongoing cycle. Note: Baidu spider is not guaranteed to include the entire contents of your submission.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can Facebook Likes be Gamed?

I have been seeing brand pages who have been up for just a week with 100,000 likes??

Is this possible ? or are people buying likes or have some bot which can like pages?

AdSense display ads will have a +1 button from next month

In the next month, google will introduce the +1 button and personal recommendations to display ads.

The +1 button will begin to appear on AdSense for Content and AdSense for Mobile Content display ad formats -- image, animated gif, and Flash. +1s will be one additional signal to help determine an ad's relevance and google will continue to show the ads that will generate the most revenue for you.

google  previously launched the +1 button on Google search and for publisher sites to make it easier for people to share and discover content across the web.

Soon, your users will be able to endorse specific ads and make the ads more likely to appear to their social connections.

google  believes that these recommendations could help your readers notice ads on your site more, leading to higher returns for you over time.

If you prefer not to show the +1 buttons on display ads on your pages, you can opt out in your account. For more information please visit the Inside AdSense blog.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does google have different algorithms for different days of the month?

Google insists that their algorithm is automatic. But the recent traffic swings make me believe that it (algo) could be manually changed by google .
Reasons - change revenue patterns , other reasons?

From the 1st of september to the 5th of sept i saw a drastic dip in traffic almost zero .

5th - 10th a slight trickle of traffic
10th -15th moderate increase
15th -20th better traffic
20th more traffic than on the other days.

so either i am imagining things or the algo is tweaked manually.

There used to be a spammy Q&A site which used to rank number 1 many years (another reason why i dont really buy the whole algo story)

25th - 30th the searches are still shitty on google but much better than on the 1st of september . Now google cant seem to find the actual keywork posted into their search bar (i guess this is due to their option to allower people to report scraper sites - this is probably abused)

Confirmed: Google Panda 2.5 Update Arrived This Week

Now with Baidus aggressive spidering of sites . I will learn chinese and post my urls on baidu than waste my time trying to give feedback to shitty google
 algo writers.

I also think the url remove tool is abused

The URL removal tool is intended for pages that urgently need to be removed—for example, if they contain confidential data that was accidentally exposed

Report spam, paid links, malware, and other problems to Google 

I feel black hat seo and other guys are abusing these options given by google. This month is has become really difficult to find relevant information on google first page (most of these searches turn up on page 5 now!!)

I feel the report webspam is the best way for certain people to take revenge on a site they do not like

I do not think google has even realised this yet or have they?