Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wordpress hacked again

I had the latest updates v 3.1.1 and still my site was defaced . I do not know how they did it .

the index.php had some script kiddes crap and the admin password did not work

The images were stored on the ip



what is HappeninG
Admin! You Think You Can Do Whatever You Want?? No Way...pSyCh0-Tn is on the place now!!!
We Love To Break The Best Securities You Make...That Is Why We Are Called HACKERS
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google search bring ups

aljyyosh team]Shell root (islambrigades)

maybe some leads from the facebook group?


  1. my site also got hacked, I couldn't do much about it, so I decided on a different approach. I took the guys email that he has - and his sisters name Rourou and the fact that he is also a Turkish Muslim.
    I just made up a load of crap about him, his manhood, his sister being a whore and for good measure some hate mail about Islam and posted it all over the web in his name, every blog and webpage i could find, it certainly made me feel good about that type of revenge, he can't remove it, its all still there just google and Rourou, you should get a kick out of the damage to his reputation.
    I also add his email address to any site that has a newsletter by email, hes on everything from the FBI list, Martha Stewart, gospel sites and porn sites, I still add him whenever I can, but his hacking seems to have stopped, he may well be using a different name.

  2. brilliant tactic, well done Sir.

    I did google his name as you said, there should be some freaky Islamic guys on his tail for those comments. LOL.