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How To Embed Subtitles To MP4 & FLV Videos Using Avidemux

<http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/>is an open-source video editor that
satisfies your simple editing needs,
such as cutting and encoding, and is available for
Mac, Linux and BSD. You can also use this tool to compress videos using
VirtualDub <http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/compress-videos-send-email/> (which
you can also do in Windows Movie Maker, but the video will most likely end
up with black bars).

It is one of many video editors for
some of which are meant for more professional video production
Although Avidemux isn’t a powerhouse video-editing software, it actually has
a lot of the features<http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/7-video-editing-tasks-virtualdub-handles-ease-windows/>that
I thought made VirtualDub shine for the price of $0.

One of these features I previously
the ability to embed
subtitles permanently<http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-add-subtitles-to-a-movie-or-television-series/>in
videos. A limitation that you’re presented with if you use VirtualDub
lot (despite all it can do) is that this Windows-only program only accepts a
small set of video file types, mainly AVI, MPG, and MPEG. Nowadays, if you
own any sort of portable device, be it an Android smartphone, an MP3 player
(iPod Touch) or some gaming device like the PSP, you will certainly need
your videos to be in MP4 format. Avidemux not only supports MP4 but it also
is capable of embedding subtitles so perhaps you can save yourself loads of
video-converting steps (though you might still benefit from using
PSP, etc.)

You will need to have the Xvid <http://www.xvid.org/> codec installed
(recommended also if you’re interested in publishing videos on
which is pretty standard for video encoding applications.

[image: how to embed subtitles]

1. Once you have loaded Avidemux up, press *Ctrl *+ *O *to open your video
(alternatively, go to *File* in the menu bar > *Open*) and select any AVI,
MP4, or FLV video.

[image: add subtitles to mp4]

2. If you want to trim part of the imported video, use the sliders to set
start and end points. Otherwise, go ahead and select the Xvid codec/mode in
the Video drop-down menu. This enables you to use filters, which you can’t
do in the default *Copy *Video mode.

[image: add subtitles to mp4]

You’ll get the Video Filter Manager window where you can select preset
filters for common tasks, such as cropping, resizing, etc. Head to the *
Subtitles* category, where you can choose to embed subtitles in SubRip text
format (.srt), MicroDVD subtitle file format (.sub), or the more
customizable SubStation Alpha file format (.ssa, .ass), which you saw on How
To Create Your Own
You can get the subtitles in the latter format using Subtitle
and Aegisub <http://www.aegisub.org/>, which are among the best tools to
edit subtitle files<http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/tools-adjust-subtitle-files-platform/>

3. Double-click on the appropriate subtitle filter. Now select your subtitle

[image: add subtitles to mp4]

If you’re using the SSA subtitle filter like I am, there is really no need
to adjust the line spacing, font scale, etc. since you probably specified
those settings when you were creating your subtitles with, Aegisub for
example, so the default values will do fine. If you downloaded the subtitles
from the net, you can, of course, adjust these values.

Close out of the Video Filter Manager.

Even though there’s a *Preview* button, strangely enough, you won’t be able
to preview the video with the subtitles. If, however, you use any other
filter, such as resize, *Preview *will work fine.

4. Choose *Copy* under Audio mode, although you can also use the LAME codec
for MP3, which you can learn more about in Audio File Formats Explained in
Simple Terms<http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/a-look-at-the-different-file-formats-available-part-1-audio/>

[image: embed subtitles]

Then select the video container/format (either FLV, MP4, AVI) you want to
save the video.

5. Save the video.

[image: embed subtitles]

The time taken to encode the video will depend on the length of the original

[image: how to embed subtitles]

That’s it! One of the strongest points about Avidemux is definitely the
ability to import FLV and MP4, something VirtualDub can’t currently do. One
area where VirtualDub does shine though, is filters or plugins. There seems
to be way more filters available on the web which can’t be ported to
Avidemux. If there is one thing I wish Avidemux wouldn’t do is crash
whenever I try to save the video in FLV. Otherwise, it works perfectly.

What do you use to embed subtitles permanently or do you prefer soft-subbed

Photo credit: MazenI77 <http://findicons.com/icon/58541/movies?id=374074>
[image: Click here to find out

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