Monday, November 1, 2010

Appleseed is the first open source, fully decentralized social networking software

Appleseed v0.7.6 Beta (Eleventh Release)

Sep 07 2010

New In This Release:

A new layout is being developed, and legacy code is being refactored.
Client-side i18n allows you to use the same lang file you have on the
server. All the foundational work necessary to move forward with the
user-facing code has been done. Now is when things get interesting.

A lot more. See _release/changelog.txt

About Appleseed:

This is the eleventh release of the Appleseed code base. Appleseed is
social networking software, similar to Friendster or Myspace.

Appleseed is distributed social networking, which connects friends on
different websites in a decentralized fashion.

Appleseed is being released under the GNU General Public License.

More information is available at


1. Apache 1.2 or 2.0

2. PHP5
a. GD image manipulation library.

3. MySQL 5+
b. InnoDB Transactional Database

Install Instructions

1. Move this directory into the htdocs/ or public_html/ directory where
appleseed will be run from. Appleseed cannot be installed in a
subdirectory. Subdomains, however, are fine.

2. Create a mysql database and username/password.

3. Point your browser to your website, and follow the install script

Upgrade Instructions

(This can be a little tricky, and these steps only work for upgrading
from 0.7.5)

1. Make a backup of your web directory and db tables!
2. Untar the release into your web directory, overwriting existing files
3. Move photos/ to _legacy/storage/photos/
4. Create the file configurations/local/local.conf with your site settings in this format:


5. Copy htaccess.original to .htaccess
6. Run the queries in _release/update-0.7.6.sql on your database, replacing "#__" with your prefix.


drop table #__systemStrings;


drop table asd_systemStrings;

Appleseed Resources

Team Website

Beta Test Site

Source Code

Bug Tracker

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Appleseed Roadmap

Updated: 09-06-2010
Version: 0.7.6

Base features, API, Framework, Themability, Internationalisation, UI Overhaul.

* 0.7.4 - MVC framework, Internationalisation, Refactor CRUD functions, Html form functions, Configuration inheritance, New theme, SHA512 for password storage
* 0.7.5 - Integrate JQuery, Session management, Form validation, QuickSocial specification, Documentation
* 0.7.6 - Input Purification, Refactor legacy code, Round out features and bug fix node control, Automatic update, Login component, and Client-side i18n.
0.7.7 - Round out features and bug fix Friends, Privacy.
0.7.8 - Round out features and bug fix Photos, Journals, and Comments components.
0.7.9 - Add micro-blogging and "wall" components,
0.7.10 - Add newsfeed component, round out features and bug fix control and config components.
0.7.11 - Add user options and system logging components, round out features and bug fix Messaging
0.7.12 - Add folksonomy component, round out features and bug fix groups, pages, and articles components.
0.7.13 - Add search and events components, build out JQuery integration and framework
0.7.14 - Add chat, video, and music components
0.7.15 - Refactor and round out new components. Semi-Freeze protocol and API with this release.

Optimization, Standards, Security, Error Checking and Reporting, Connectivity and Compatibility, Cloud Storage.

- Finalization of a standard, open protocol for communication between Appleseed sites and other open source projects
- Compatibility with Flickr, Twitter, and other major services (via newsfeed hooks).
- Profile importers for Facebook, MySpace, and others.
- Creation of cloud storage (ie, Amazon S3) file system hooks
- Full audit for proper error checking, reporting, logging and exception handling.
- Speed and performance optimization: server, browser, and network.
- Full audits for sensible defaults and system security.

FEATURE FREEZE! Bug testing, Code Cleanup, Documentation

API Enhancement, Scalability, User Interface Refinement, Security Fixes, and Optimization.

Content Management, Taxonomy, Social Graph, Analytics, Client-side apps, and more TBD.

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