Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Joomla GroupJive 1.8 stable release and more CB news

GroupJive 1.8 released - with hardened security

This is the first stable release of GroupJive since the CB Team has been involved with its development. The GroupJive 1.8 component is now Joomla 1.5 native (no legacy plugin needed). All GroupJive websites need to upgrade to this stable release as it not only fixes all identified issues but CB-Team standard security hardenings have been applied throughout the GroupJive 1.8 codebase. This makes GroupJive a highly recommended security release.

Read the GroupJive announcement on Joomlapolis and download this free GPL extension for your website.
CB Documentation Subscriber Updates

If you are a CB Documentation subscriber please note following upgrades/additions:

* CB Facebook Connect 1.0 plugin (the first stable release of this powerful authentication plugin)
* CB Twitter Connect 1.0 plugin (stable release of Twitter connect authentication plugin)
* CB Captcha 2.2.2 plugin (latest release of Captcha plugin for CB)
* CB Last Visitors plugin 1.2 (now compatible with CB 1.2.2 and Joomla 1.5)
* CB Ajax File fieldtype plugin 1.0 (stable release of file field plugin)

If you are not a CB Documentation subscriber you are missing out on what is most likely the best value for money deal currently available in the Joomla extensions market. By becoming a CB Documentation subscriber (35 Euros for 12 months), you support and fund further development of Joomla's most popular Free and Always-been GPL extension - Community Builder, and at the same time as a huge THANK YOU for this, you can download 14 CB Team released add-ons and the detailed CB documentation. This converts to under 3 USD per add-on! Become a CB Documentation subscriber now!
CBSubs - The Membership and ACL Solution for Joomla

When you are ready to start making $$$ from your Joomla/CB website or just need to control access (ACL) to parts of your Joomla website, its time to take a closer look at our CBSubs paid membership subscription solution. This powerful setup can protect any Joomla content and unlock access only to subscribed paid members. Creating a download club has never been easier. Protect access to Joomla articles without hacking your site or needing to purchase additional ACL type extensions. Take full control of your content and make it work for you!

Read more about CBSubs, visit our CBSubs demo site, enroll for an online interactive presentation or visit our presales forum for additional questions.


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