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SEO Course at WritePoint

The course that everyone has been waiting for


The instructor for the course will be Debi Zylbermann.
Beginning: April 25, 2010. at the WritePoint training Center in Jerusalem.
Ending: approximately June 20, 2010
Time: 10am - 5pm
Cost: NIS 10,000
For more information and to register, contact or call 02-5716668

Course Syllabus:
Introduction to HTML and JavaScript
Structure of the Internet
• Domain Names
• Client/Server Environment
• HTTP Response Header
• IP and C Class Addresses
• URL Addresses
• SAPI_Rewrite in IIS and Apache's mod_Rewrite
• Templates
• Cookies
• Session
• Geolocation
• Availability
• DNS Servers
• Proxy Servers
• Dedicated and Shared Servers
• Data Centers
• BigTable
• MapReduce
• Google Dance
• Sandbox
• The Different Spiders of Google
• Google's Buried Treasure
• Algorithms
SEO – General Survey
• Organic and Paid SEO
• Interactions Between Different Search Engines
• Using Search Engines in Israel and Worldwide
• The Structure of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
• Factors Influencing Site Ranking in the Engines
• SEO Worldwide and in Israel
• Text-Based Search Engines, Directories and Meta-Search Engines
Keyword Research
• Keywords
• Strategies for Finding Effective, Quality Phrases
• Analysis of Worth and Market Segment Identification
• Search Volumes
• Trends
• The Long Tail
• KEI and Other Ranking Systems
• Focusing the Site on the Keywords
• Using Different Professional Tools
• Google's Tools
• Alexa, ComScore, Compete, Nielsen
• Exercise: Keyword Research
• Prominence
• PhraseRank
• Content Writing and Management
• Duplicate Content and the Use of the Canonical Tag
• Focus
• Relevance
• Originality
• Density
• Structure
• Language Appropriate to Search Engines
• Locating Content and Distribution Sources
• Title and Meta-Description
• Headers and Tags
• Images, Video, Flash
• Robots Tag and Robots.txt File
• Blocking and Removing Content from the Search Engines
• Distributing Content
• Design of Search Results
• Important Meta-Tags
• Programs and Accessories for Content Management and Tracking
• Trust Rank
• Page Rank
• Channeling
• Link Weight and Depth
• HTML and XML Sitemaps
• Internal, Outbound and Inbound Links
• Measuring Link Quality
• Link Blocks
• Site-Wide Links
• Strategies and Ways to Establish and Manage a Quality Link Profile
• Programs and Accessories for Link Management and Tracking
Structural Optimization
• The Elements that Comprise a Page and Their Importance in SEO
• Mechanisms
• 301 and 302 Redirects
• Changing Domain Name and/or Site Structure
• Promotion of Dynamic Sites versus Static Sites
• News, E-commerce, Article, Index, Portal and Large Content Sites
• Forums
• Blogs
• Flash Sites
• Platforms for Building Websites and Content Management Systems (CMS)
• Preservation of Current Status Through a Domain Name Change, Technology
• Transfer or Structural Upgrade
• Code and Standardization
Defining SEO Requirements for a New Site
Google Webmasters Tools
Web Analysis
• Analyzing Visitor Traffic on the Site
• Methods and Ways of Information Collection
• Surfers
• Referring Sources
• Conversion and Goal Tracking
• Funnel Report
• A/B Split, Time Split
• Google Website Optimizer
• Google Analytics
• Advanced Segments
• Managing Profiles and Filters
• Campaign Tracking
Viral Buzz and Link Building on Social Networks
• Viral Buzz and Link Building – Introduction
• Promotion in Focused Social Networks
• Characterizing an Initiative
• Locating the Appropriate Network
• Quality Control
• Creating a Profile
• Distributing Content
• Locating Profiles for the Creation of Buzz
• Creating Viral Buzz
• SEO Using Social Bookmarking Sites
• Introduction to Folksonomy
• Internal Tools to Encourage Preferred Options
• Creating External Buzz
• Twitter
• Advanced Tools for Promotion and Creation of Viral Buzz Using Twitter
• Tools for Creating External Buzz and Positive Automation
• Creating Buzz and Link Building Using Forums
Paid Advertising in Google Adwords
• General Overview
• MCC – Managing Multiple Accounts
• Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords
• Performance Tracking and Optimization of Campaigns
• Google Ad Networks
• Targeting
• Budget Management
• Conversion Rate
• Landing Pages
• Conversion Optimizer
• Google Adwords Editor
• Google Ad Manager
Media Spread (Advertiser vs. Publisher)
• CPC, CPM, eCPM Module, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Contextual etc.
• Popular Advertising Networks
Managing Affiliate Programs
• General Overview
• Finding Profitable Niches and Affiliate Programs
• Models and Methods
• Getting to Know ClickBank and Opening a Vendor Account
• Managing Affiliate Programs
• Market Research
• Delivery
• Customer Service
• Means of Payment
• Building an e-Commerce Site
• Structure of a Product Page
• Accompanying Pages
• Price Comparison Sites
• Considerations in Choosing Relevant Sites
• Google Base
• Nextag, Shopping, Shopzilla
• Selling on eBay
• Sales Channels on Amazon
• Setting Up a Store on Yahoo
Grey SEO
• Proxy Servers
• Over-Optimization
• Avoiding Pitfalls that Can Harm a Site
• Mirror Sites
• Redirecting Addresses
• Copying Content
• Overdone Link Exchanges
• Link Buying
• Spamming and Hiding Text
• Site Cloaking
• Link Farms
• Reporting Spam
Establishing and Managing an SEO and Internet Marketing Business
• An SEO's Tools of the Trade
• Work Processes
• Identifying Potential Clients and Contacting Them
• Service and Reporting
• Pricing and Proposals
• Reliability and Work Agreements

The course includes a wealth of hands-on exercises, including actual promotion of a website under the tutelage of experienced SEO professionals.
More than 350 SEO professionals have taken part in the original Hebrew course, many of whom have started their own SEO businesses after successfully completing the course.
Debi Zylbermann, the lecturer, is a graduate of the Fall 2007 course, who then founded Debi'Z Consulting Ltd. ( in February 2008.
For more details (in Hebrew), see

Ezriel Yellin
Director of Training Tel: 02-5716668
WritePoint Ltd. Cell: 054-6720348

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