Sunday, March 14, 2010

wireless links


. MartyBugs home

. wireless home


. Conifer antenna modifications

. my mast & antenna install

. my old mast & antenna install

. Marcus' mast & antenna install

. biquad antenna construction

. double biquad antenna

. compact collinear antenna

. anatomy of rubber ducky

antenna testing

. Conifer antenna testing

. more Conifer testing

. antenna comparison


. OpenWrt Wireless Router

. Linux Wireless Router

. Link Monitoring with RRDTool

. Traffic Monitoring with RRDTool

. Bandwidth Monitoring with ipac-ng

. HDD Temp Monitoring with RRDTool


. RedHat 7.3 on Dell Optiplex GXi

. RedHat 7.3 on PPro VS440FX

. RedHat 9.0 on Celeron 466

. Aironet PCI4800


  1. Seattle Wireless Antenna HowTo
  2. Types of Antennas
  3. Build an Antenna Yourself
  4. Comparision Tests
    1. Gregory Rehm
    2. Martybugs
  5. Other Interesting Links
    1. Add a parabolic reflector to a standard factory dipole antenna
    2. Other designs

    2.4 GHz home made

    A "Cheap & Easy" 2.4GHz Feed

    Antenna Design and Construction for a Radio Telescope

    Antenna Can

    Antenna selection

    Antenna Systems and Supplies Inc. (sm)


    Building a 2.4GHz Vertical Collinear

    CARC (antenna and ATV)

    Cerchietti per 2.4 Mhz ATV

    Cookie Cantenna

    David Jefferies

    Directional Yagi

    Downpipe Waveguide Comparison

    Easy Homebrew 2.4Ghz Omni Antenna

    Field Strength Meter for 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN


    How To Build A Tin Can Waveguide Antenna

    How to Make a Simple 2.425GHz Helical Aerial for Wireless ISM Band Devices

    Loop Yagi for 2.4 GHz

    Marska Wlan Pages

    Modifying a 2.4 GHZ MDS ANTENNA's To Use For 802.11 WLAN Gear

    O'Reilly Network Antenna

    Patch antenna for 2.4 GHz

    Poor Man's WiFi

    Project: "Waveguide"

    Simple 2.4 GHz Double Quad

    Simple 2.4 GHz Double Quad with mounting ideas

    Surplus Primestar Dish

    Test 2.4GHz Dipole-type Omni Antennas

    Trevor Marshall waveguides

    Trevor Marshall BiQuad

    Yagi design

    Yagi Antenna Design - For 802.11b Wireless Application


    Vertical Collinear


    Wlan antenna Waveguide type

    Wlan antenna 2.4 GHz Do-it-Yourself

    WWW FreeAntennas.Com

    2.4 GHz power divider

    2.4 GHz Field meter

    2.4Ghz Vertical Collinear

    2.4GHz FM ATV

    802.11b Homebrew Antenna Shootout - 2/14/2

    10dbi "Brick" antenna (download)

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    2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Commercial

    2.4 GHz antenna feeds and complete antenna available in Brisbane

    Allthings power 1 watt AV video transmitter.html#WHIP

    Antenna selection

    Antenna Systems and Supplies Inc. (sm)



    Hills Antenna




    Pacific Satellite

    Pacific Wireless


    RF Industries



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