Friday, March 26, 2010

WebMail Pro v4.9 is out

AfterLogic Corporation 26 Mar 2010

Today we release a new version of AfterLogic WebMail Pro for
both supported platforms - ASP.NET and PHP.

The new version adds meeting requests and reminders in Calendar,
provides enhanced system of filters, supports Sensitivity flag, and adds
LDAP-based authentication and address books (PHP version only).

Outlook Sync module can now synchronize both contacts and calendar events.

Also, PHP version is now available both standalone and as the part of
MailSuite Pro for Linux bundle. It includes Exim/Courier mail
server, SpamAssassin, ClamAV antivirus and PHP server along with all the web
components and lets you get started easily if you do not have a mail
server yet.

The upgrade to the latest version is free for all registered users of
previous versions of WebMail Pro ASP.NET and PHP.

WebMail Pro Homepage:

MailSuite Pro for Linux Homepage:

FAQ page (includes WebMail Pro Upgrading instructions):

Have questions? Please post your inquiry at:

Software Customization, Data Migration and Integration:

Download Outlook Sync Add-In:

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