Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seesmic Web Now Offers Review Followers and Following, Adjustable Column Size, Sounds & Mute, Location Trends and Many More

Seesmic Web makes it easy to access your Twitter account from any browser and at any time. The new interface of Seesmic Web now brings to the forefront: Adjustable Column Size, Sounds, Mute / Un-mute Users, Location Trends, Inline Pictures and Video Previews. Just sign into and enjoy the changes.

Updated Followers and Following List in Contacts

Manage your followers and who you follow in our recently released Contacts feature. Be able to look through and view all of your relationships on Twitter by reviewing their profile, add them to lists and easily manage your connections.

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Adjustable Column Size

By allowing much narrower columns, Seesmic Web becomes very usable on your notebook! Want to view more columns simultaneously and they seemed too large? Go to the left side of the screen and choose the width: small or wider!

Sound Notifications

Missed important tweets because you did not check them in time? Seesmic Web alerts you when you've received Direct Messages, Replies or you've even sent tweets. Sounds are enabled by default and can be disabled by clicking on the second button of the top right bar.

Mute / Un-mute

Ever wanted to hide someone from your Seesmic Web timeline when the tweets might have spoiled your surprise? You can do it now with the Mute feature! Clicking on the username, opens the profile preview and opting for Mute will exclude all the user's tweets only from your Seesmic Web platform. If you changed your mind, you can simply undo the process from Contacts.

Inline Pictures and Video Previews

Seesmic web now lets you preview pictures and thumbnails of video directly from the timeline, without clicking on anything. It has never been easier to know what's behind all those shortened links! In Seesmic Web, you can adjust sound, replay or pause the video.

Trending Topics Locations

Do you want to know what's setting trends in certain parts of the world or must-go-to cities? Seesmic Web now allows you the possibility to do it, whether in Europe, US or simply Worldwide. By going to Trending Topics Location, you can select the city of your choice or region that catches your eye and view the mostly talked about subject.

We have also addressed the issue of being able to check and display all of your Contacts without any limitation.

The opportunities to discover the benefits of Seesmic Web platform are numerous! Just let us know your opinion and we happy to listen to all your feedback!

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