Sunday, March 14, 2010

reference books

Practical Antenna Handbook -3rd Ed.- Joseph Carr. Recognised as the antenna builders bible. Very 'nuts & bolts' hands on!
ARRL Antenna Handbook-19th/20th Ed.- R.Dean Straw. Ham radio orientated, with mostly low freq. shortwave designs
Antennas for all Applications 3rd Ed.- Kraus and Marhefka The classic 'maths' text, but very readable with many diagrams.
Seattle Wireless (Wiki) & FreeAntennas Both sites feature many DIY WiFi links,including NEC simulated & tested 2.4GHz antenna
Wireless Networking Starter Kit - Engst & Fleishman An esteemed WLAN "how to" (2nd Ed-2004-Amazon ~US$25, or ~14MB FREE (!) .PDF)
Wireless Networking in the Developing World-2nd Edn.(WNDW2)A1 altruistic guide- FREE Eng/Fr./It./Dutch/Sp./German/Arabic ~5MB .PDF)

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